Unfortunately, some homeowners don’t know when their furnace needs cleaning. Besides, a furnace ought to be cleaned periodically to avoid a dusty home. If your furnace remains uncleaned for a while, it could cause some damage to your home.

Also, the cost of furnace maintenance is far lower than when it is damaged. Nevertheless, before a furnace gets damaged, it may show some signs too. Watch out for these signs to know if your furnace needs cleaning.

Going on and off very often

Another sign is that the furnace will drip off and on most often. In some cases, it trips on and off because the calibration is not in the right position. Another reason could be that the calibration is set incorrectly. Also, the filters could also cause the furnace to trip off on its own. 

Noisy Operation

When you start hearing a noise in your furnace or ventilation system, then it needs some maintenance. Some of the causes of a noisy furnace are clogged furnace air filters, loose belts, etc. However, this noise often starts gradually and increases when the damage is greater. If you start hearing a loud bang, then it may be serious.

Sudden Increase in Energy Bills

If you discover that your energy bills have started increasing, it may is because your furnace fuel efficiency has dropped. This is also a sign that your furnace is nearing the end of its life. Ignoring this sign may lead to spending more because it may break down when you least expect it. However, newer models of furnaces consume less energy.

Temperature Inconsistency

Another sign that your furnace needs cleaning or maintenance is when the temperature goes up and down. You may notice that some areas of the building are cold while others are hot. Nevertheless, temperature inconsistencies can be easily fixed if you reach out to an expert. A faulty thermostat may be the main reason for temperature inconsistencies.


When there’s too much dust coming from your furnace, it may cause a lot of harm. If the filter of your HVAC system is dusty, then it may affect the end user. Furthermore, the system cannot remove debris and dust. Instead, it will spread in the building. You will notice that after a few cleaning, the entire building becomes dusty.

You can’t remember the last cleaning

Not remembering the last time you cleaned the furnace simply means it has been a long time. This means you need to clean the system before starting it in the fall. When you clean it before the fall, you will prevent interruptions during the fall when you need the furnace the most. 


A dirty furnace could cause some severe ailments and various health challenges. Cleaning the HVAC system should be a major part of your life. Some lung ailments are caused by dusty HVAC systems. Finally, reach out to Ventilo Exp’Air for the best furnace maintenance services at an affordable fee.

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