Across the United States, there are more than 10.4 million residential pools. While they’re rather common, a pool is not a cheap venture for homeowners.

The average below ground pool costs around $50,000 to install.

Of course, there is also maintenance and upkeep for pool issues, which can get rather pricey. It is important to budget additional funds for unforeseen pool repairs when deciding to build one. 

Here are a few key things to know about swimming pool repairs.

Pool Pump Problems

The pool pump is the major piece of equipment operating your swimming pool. It has many components such as the motor, the impeller, and the strainer basket.

The motor works to power the pool pump and ensure the filtered water is clean. The impeller then pushes the clean water back into the pool. The strainer collects any small debris that ends up in the drain near the bottom of your pool.

Pool problems associated with the pump can cost anywhere from $700 to $1,500. A pool pump repair can be high in price but cannot be ignored.

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Surface Repairs and Leaks

In-ground pools are usually poured with concrete and covered in plaster. The surface of your pool may last you anywhere between seven and twenty years.

Your pool can be resurfaced after some years, but that costs a pretty penny. Eventually, cracks can form in the surface of your pool, and they can cause leaks.

Fixing a crack in the pool’s surface and a potential leak can cost anywhere from $4,000 to $5,000, depending on how sizeable the issue is. A resurfacing job is going to be around $15,000.

Filter and Skimmer Fiascos

The filter and skimmers keep your pool free of debris—these two parts of your pool system are incredibly important for your family’s safety.

The skimmer is mounted in a cut-out on the wall of your pool. It removes objects and oil off the pool’s surface.

The filter is located within the pool pump. They catch harmful bacteria and other small objects before they go into your pool.

A new skimmer may cost upwards of about $1,500, depending on which parts of your skimmer are not functioning properly.

Regular Maintenance Is Key

To avoid these costly charges, keeping up with your pool maintenance is key. Many of the repair issues can be avoided by keeping a close eye on the state of your pool.

Whether your family chooses to hire a maintenance company or tackle pool care yourself, there are many things to stay on top of. For starters, you should have your pool professionally inspected every few years. To find a pool service simply Google “pool inspections Melbourne” or whichever town you live in. Now check out some reviews and find a service that works for you.

It would be best if you remembered to clean out the skimmer and ensure it is free of debris. The pool filter needs to be rinsed and changed routinely.

The surface of your pool needs to be brushed, and any objects that wind up in the pool need to be removed before they clog the drain. You need to balance the chemicals in your pool’s water, as well.

Swimming Pool Repairs Solved

Pool repairs can be expensive and challenging. When choosing to build a pool or buy a home with a pool, it is important to budget for repairs.

Finding a pool repair company you trust is paramount. If you liked this article on swimming pool repairs, check out the rest of our website for more informative content.

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