You can hire maids to clean your home. That much is clear.

But just how much does it cost to hire professional cleaners? How much do professional house cleaners charge, and should you get one at all?

We’re here to tell you all that and more. From the rates to the types of cleaning available, we’ll cover it all.

So read on for all the information.

The Cost of Hiring Professional Cleaners on Average

The cost of hiring professional cleaners, on average, depends on a variety of factors, such as the:

  • type of cleaning service
  • size of the area
  • length of the job

Generally speaking, basic cleaning services usually cost anywhere between $40 to $65 per hour. More detailed and intensive cleaning jobs can cost between $80 to $110 per hour or even higher for small apartments, and $150 to $250 if you have a larger space, say 2,000-square-foot, for example.

Depending on the type of service you are looking for, several other fees may also be included, such as travel fees, materials fees, equipment fees, and more. Rates may also differ depending on the difficulty of the job and the experience of the cleaners.

You can always head over to a cleaning services website who offer a free quote (click here to visit company website). This way you will know what you are getting into with no commitment.

The Cost of a House Cleaning Solution

The cost of a house cleaning solution used by house cleaners on average depends on the type of solution being used. Generally, for basic solutions, the cost is $178.45 per consumer unit. For specialized solutions, it may require heavy labor and multiple steps, which could be more expensive.

This could vary depending on the brand, the quality of ingredients, and the potency of the product. Some house cleaning solutions require a higher concentration of ingredients, while others are more diluted.

Additionally, the price of the product will vary depending on the size of the bottle and how much you need to purchase. Ultimately, the cost can depend on the demand, the availability of the product, and the brand.

The Cost Varies Depending On Frequency and Cleaning Package

Hiring a one-time or monthly cleaning service from can be a great way to keep up with the upkeep of a home. The cost will vary depending on the frequency and package chosen. The packages may include one-time deep clean, biweekly, or comprehensive weekly cleanings.

For a one-time cleaning, a higher fee is typically charged due to the scope of work that needs to be done. For a biweekly or comprehensive weekly cleaning rate, there is usually a customized plan tailored to the customer’s needs.

Prices may also differ depending on the type of cleaning service chosen, such as the floor, bathroom, and kitchen cleaning or general residential cleaning. The cost will generally include all the necessary supplies and labor.

Know How Much You Should Pay Your Professional Cleaners

In conclusion, having an idea of how much you should pay your professional cleaners is key to both you and the cleaners.

Research into the industry standard, knowledge of what tasks you’re asking that you professional to do, and communication between you and the cleaners can help you determine a fair price. Contact a professional cleaner today to get started.

Should you wish to explore more ideas aside from how much you must pay for a home cleaner, visit our blog.

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