Whether you’re designing your dream home or selling a property, the right photos can make or break the sale. Great photos will attract more potential clients and boost the price of your listing.

The right photos make your custom home designs stand out from production homes and other real estate listings. This article will share some of our favorite tips and techniques for taking beautiful design photos!

Design Your Dream Home

Whether you’ve spotted a property in your neighborhood that you want to build on or you’re looking to start from scratch, designing your dream home is an exciting and involved process. There are many little steps, but a few simple tips can help you make it through all of them successfully!

One of the most important things to do when designing your custom home is to consider how it will fit your lifestyle and needs. You can do this by creating a design brief for your architect.

Another thing to keep in mind is your budget. It is an essential consideration because it can save you money and time later in construction. It also makes it easier to choose features that suit your lifestyle best.

Render Your Design

Whether you’re an interior designer, tile professional, or bathroom remodeler, the right custom home builder pictures can help bring your vision to life. With a photorealistic rendering, your customers can see their new space before construction begins and make decisions faster and more accurately than they can with a standard blueprint.

Renderings can also help you promote your business and increase sales. For example, real estate professionals use renderings in blog posts and social media to connect with potential clients and boost sales.

Create a Pinterest Board

Pinterest is a powerful social media platform where users create boards around specific topics. Pins (images or videos) can be saved to these boards, which other users can repin.

The best way to get your pins discovered is by creating a strategic plan for how you use your boards. For example, you can create boards that inspire, entertain, educate, or offer solutions to your target audience.

You can also create a collaborative board, a great way to connect with others who share your passions. For instance, Angela England, a professional blogger, and author has a Social Media Moms board highlighting other content marketers in her niche.

The best part about Pinterest is that you can organize your pins into sections to make them easier to find for followers. However, section names are less effective for SEO than niche Boards titles. So, instead of creating boards like “Home Remodeling” or “Bathroom Design,” try creating more targeted Boards with titles like “Kitchen Renovation Ideas,” etc.

Hire a Photographer

Professional photographers are skilled at lighting, posing, and other elements that go into making authentic images. Ultimately, they help you create the right photos for your brand.

The first step in hiring a photographer is to get clear on what you need. A detailed project description will save you time and attract the best talent to your business.

Next, find a photographer that matches your budget. Use online marketplaces such as Bidvine, Bark, Freelancer, People Per Hour, or Thumbtack to browse a wide range of potential photographers and compare their prices.

After narrowing down your list, talk to the photographer over email or in person. Make sure to see their portfolio and read reviews and testimonials from previous clients.

Also, make sure they can meet your deadlines. It may be a sign they aren’t the right fit for you if they don’t.

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