Do you want to transform your backyard into a real sanctuary?

Lawn chairs and plastic pink flamingos are great, but you could totally add more dimension.

Large structures like Gazebos, floral archways, decks, and pergolas turn basic backyards into more functional spaces. Plus, you don’t even need to hire a pro to build one for you.

Even better, you can install a pergola on your deck for extra dimension.

Learn how to build a pergola on a deck in this quick starter guide!

Choose the Style of Your Pergola

Traditional pergolas have at least four beams supporting an overhead roof. The roof typically features latticework or wooden slats. Pergolas are simpler to design and build than Gazebos, which are more like mini pavilions.

While pergolas don’t traditionally have walls, it’s your backyard! Walls create a more enclosed, private space, ideal for lunch, studying, and outdoor dinners. You can also install hooks, shelves, and planters, turning your pergola into an open garden shed.

Enclosed pergolas are ideal for hot tubs, large picnic tables, and patios. You could even cover your entire deck in a pergola. This style is also known as a gable pergola.

Pergolas can be purely decorative too. For example, you could learn how to build a small lattice pergola, large enough to showcase a few potted and hanging plants.

Pergola Tips for Building Materials

Traditionally, pergolas are made from hardwood treated with waterproof materials. However, more homeowners are turning to other materials like vinyl, steel, and fabric. Plus, materials like vinyl and steel are much easier to clean since you simply wipe away mold and mildew.

Fabric pergolas take more work to maintain since you have to remove the sails to wash them separately. Once removed, you can hose down your sails and hang dry them. Many are machine-washable, as well. Once cleaned, reattach your sails to the steel poles.

You can switch out your sails, allowing for more themes like tropical, rustic, and stylized. 

Pergola Guide to Decorating

Custom pergola kits help you construct a reliable and sturdy pergola quickly. Then comes the best part—decorating!

Have an extra box of string lights handy?

Weave fairy lights around pergola poles, roof slats, and latticework for a dreamy, whimsical effect. Twinkle lights pair nicely with ivy woven throughout the pergola.

Earlier, you learned about hanging plants. You could also install a hammock for your plants or just for leisure. Small, one-person hammock chairs look pretty cool in pergolas as well. You will need a steel pergola if you add extra weight to the structure.

Fresh florals look beautiful on top of deck pergolas, especially if you’re throwing an intimate backyard wedding. 

Discover How to Build a Pergola on a Deck

There are so many ways to envision your deck pergola.

Start with a goal and draw it out first or buy a custom kit that can help. Remember these valuable tips as you learn how to build a pergola on a deck!

The blog is also packed with inspiration for your creative projects.

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