Increasing the use of propane due to weather, business, or general benefit? Regardless of your circumstances, it’s incredibly important to learn how to check propane tank level.

There are several simple alternatives to check propane tank levels. Keep reading this article and discover how to check propane tank levels to stay on top of your supply.

Propane Gauges Make Checks Easy

One of the easiest ways to check propane tank levels is by reading the tank gauge like the ones offered at A propane tank gauge is a circular/round dial that closely resembles a speedometer. Most gauges are numbered zero to 95 with each number representing the percentage of propane remaining in the tank.

Once you know the percentage of the tank remaining you can multiply the tank’s total capacity by the percentage and get an accurate number to read the amount of propane.

A tank is never filled to 100 percent because propane will expand in hotter weather. Standard propane companies will fill an aboveground tank to 80 percent, and an underground tank to 85 percent.

Propane in gas form expands about 270 times the volume as when it’s a liquid.

If your tank didn’t come with a gauge, there are three store-bought options you can choose from; inline pressure gauges, analog propane scales, and digital propane tank scales. All three of these gauges will show the percentage you’re looking for.

Other Ways to Check Propane Tank Level

If your propane tank doesn’t have a gauge and you’re not interested in buying one, there are other ways to check propane tanks.

The hot water method offers an extremely fast way to get an estimate of the amount of propane remaining in your tank.

First, you’ll need a cup full of hot water from the tap. Pour that water down the side of the propane tank and run your hand along the water until you notice a cool spot. This cool spot on the tank will show an estimate of the remaining propane left in your tank.

Technology is also a great way to measure propane tank levels. A propane tank monitor is more technologically advanced than a gauge. It alerts a propane supplier like Conklin Oil & Propane when your levels are low so they can refill the tank.

This process is connected to an automated delivery service to provide a sense of relief and peace of mind. You’ll never have to worry about how much propane is in your tank.

Take advantage of one of these alternatives and never run out when you need it most.

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