You’ve spent weeks crafting the perfect living space. Why does it still feel like something is missing?

That’s because there is. 

A living room rug is what you need to tie everything together into a uniform look. However, what people most neglect is the rug size. Too big or too small, and the room will look unbalanced.

With that in mind, how do you go about choosing the right size rug? Keep reading to find out.

Living Room Rug

What are the interior design rules for the right rug size in the living room? At most, your living room rug should be two feet away from the wall.

It also matters how you arrange the furniture on the rug. For optimal results, place the front two legs of the chair or couch on the rug.

You do have some flexibility here, depending on what kind of atmosphere you want to create. A rug of smaller size and shape will make the room feel more intimate.

If you live in a small house or apartment, the size of a rug matters because small spaces can cause you stress. That being said, bigger is better. Obviously, your rug size will depend on your living room, but 8′ x 10′ is a good place to start. 

Kitchen Rug

The kitchen rug needs to be big enough for the chairs to pull out. Otherwise, the legs of the chairs will get caught on the rug. Try to find a rug that is at least eight inches long, as this will accommodate most tables.

If you have a round kitchen table, you don’t have to shy away from rugs with a rectangular size and shape. If you’re looking for fine, decorative rugs, click here to shop

Bedroom Rug

There are a couple of ways you can situate the rug in your bedroom. The first way is centering the rug beneath your bed. The other way is putting two-thirds of the rug beneath the bed. This will put the rug in the middle of the room.

Either way, you’ll want the warm, fuzzy carpet to greet your feet every time you get out of bed. If you have a king-size bed, opt for a rug that’s 9′ x 12′. Rugs for queen-sized beds should be 8′ x 10′, and 6′ x 9′ for full-sized beds.

You could also flank your full-sized bed with two rugs that are narrow in size and shape. These should be 3′ x 5′. 

Bathroom Rugs

You only need a small rug size for your bathroom.

If you have a two-sink vanity, put a long and narrow rug (which is called a runner) below it. Depending on the size of your bathroom, you could also put one in front of the shower.

Choosing the Best Rug Size

When it comes to rug size, you want to make sure its size and shape accentuate your room. The best part is that there’s more than one right size rug. 

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