Britons are a nation of DIY lovers, there is absolutely no denying it. In fact, it is predicted that in 2023 there will be a collective £38.7 billion spent on DIY in the United Kingdom. Whether it be wiling away a bank holiday, setting aside a busy Sunday or a significantly longer-term project, as a nation we just love cracking out the hammers and saws. So, if you are also thinking of doing some improvements around the house, here are five tips for you to create a jaw-dropping home.
1. Add a statement piece to every room

Here is one to really get your head around nice and early. Each room should have a statement piece in it, and what that statement is can be completely up to you. A large painting, a particularly nice bit of photography, oversized mirrors – whatever your style, choose something that brings each room to life. Statement pieces can also be something functional like furniture; think flamboyant tables, designer chairs, or maybe even an antique rug.

2. Add colour

Think bright, think vibrant, think eye-catching. Bring your home to life with colour. Whether it’s by brightening up the walls, pieces of art, or colourful furniture – whatever will make people walk into a room and be wowed.

Even small dots of colour can really affect the lighting, making a room feel warmer, cosier and ultimately happier.

3. Open-plan kitchen

The kitchen is arguably the most sociable room in your home, so opt for a luxury kitchen too and you will have everyone’s jaw-dropping. You spend so much time in the kitchen whether it be cooking or cleaning, spending time catching up with family or socialising with friends. The best way to achieve luxury is to have something open plan, which also has the added benefit of making the room feel spacious and comfortable as well as opening up those social qualities.

4. Think about lighting

People often overlook the lighting in their homes, but getting the right lighting has such a huge impact. Again, vibrant and bright is the way to go and much of that will come down to the colours on your walls in each room. You could go for extravagant lights or chandeliers or if you want something quaint but a little more toned down then some nice spotlights will do the trick.

5. Fill the walls with art
Even if you are not an art connoisseur, you should still adorn your walls with artwork and make it personalised to your tastes. Adding artwork to your home will give it that feel of luxury, and can even be a great conversation point when you are entertaining friends and family.

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