There are benefits to having a small space; there’s less area to clean up, and it’s easier to give it your personal touch. However, don’t underestimate the power of perception. You can make a smaller room look bigger and make it more functional with these tips:

Decide on a paint scheme

The best and simplest way to increase the appearance of space in your home is to choose the right color for it. There are many ways you can use paint to make your room look bigger.

Bright colors create the illusion of openness and give the room a sense of depth. Sticking to one color for all four walls, as well as the ceiling, makes the space look continuous, and thus bigger. You can even expand this idea to your floors and go for an all-white palette.

If it fits your space, creating contrast by using some of the darker shades can work in your favor. For example, adding a colorful accent wall creates a focal point and can elongate the space. 

If you’re starting your painting journey without any DIY experience, it’s best to seek the help of professionals to do this task for you. Some companies, such as this one for interior painting in Calgary, offer color consulting, which will ensure that the colors you choose are the right ones and give you the impression that you are looking for. 

Choose the right furniture

The right furniture selection can make a big difference in how your space is perceived. When picking out the furniture, you have to be mindful of proportion. Having furniture that is closer to the ground is also a great way to add height to your room.

Avoid buying large pieces, such as a large sofa for a small living room, as it can suffocate the space and make it seem tighter. Instead, go for smaller pieces. 

When arranging your furniture, don’t place it against the wall, but leave some space to create the feeling of openness. Leave the walkways open to create a feeling of depth. 

Light up your room

Natural lights are the best way to open up the space. Remove your blinds and put up sheer curtains to take advantage of the light, and you’ll instantly get the illusion of a bigger room.

If, however, you don’t have much light coming into your room, don’t worry. You can get creative with artificial lighting and still get the same effect. Recessed lighting or track lighting are good examples.

Having multiple light sources around the whole room will expand the feel of the room. Putting lamps and shades in the corners is a great way to add more light as well as decorate the room.

Hang a mirror on the wall

Adding a mirror to your wall is one of the best ways to totally transform your room and give it a feeling of openness. 

Mirrors can make a room look larger by reflecting natural or artificial light into the dark corners. Mirrors, in addition to being very functional for your space, come in a variety of shapes and sizes, allowing you to match them to any room style.

Reduce clutter to minimum

Having clutter in an already small room can make it feel even smaller. A clean space is both more aesthetically pleasing and more functional. You don’t have to throw out your possessions; just find a different way to store them. There are many ways to get creative with your storage space. 

For example, adding shelves that are the same color as your walls is an effective way to maximize your space while still having a feeling of openness. You can also get open-ended shelves that leave your walls exposed.

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