Are you among the newly-minted home improvement enthusiasts that intend to add to the $430 billion that homeowners will spend on home improvement projects this year? 

Painting your home’s exteriors is one of the quickest, easiest, and most impactful ways to give your home the pick-me-up it needs. So, if your siding is looking a little shabby and your budget’s a little lean, consider hiring a painter to bring a whole new look to your home.

Here’s how to hire an exterior house painter to ensure you get the most bang for your buck. 

Ask For Recommendations Before You Hire a Painter

Family, friends, and neighbors can provide invaluable assistance in tracking down the best contractors in town. Yet, you should still back up their advice with a little online research of your own. 

Review websites and the BBB are a great help when it comes to unbiased opinions about a painter’s service levels, prices, and expertise. 

One of the best painter hiring tips is to create a shortlist of likely candidates based on this research. Then, head to their website for more information. 

Conduct Online Research Before Hiring an Exterior House Painter

While browsing painters’ websites, be sure to check whether they offer exterior residential painting and what’s included in the price. 

Ideally, this service should include aspects of preparation like repairing and caulking gaps in your siding, as well as priming the wood and protecting your garden from splashes. 

You must also ensure they have a brick-and-mortar address so you know you’re not working with a fly-by-night operator. Read their About Us page for information about their experience, qualifications, and licenses. 

Work With a Licensed and Insured House Painter

You should always choose a bonded and licensed company to work with. Most states require painters to hold a license, and you can check these credentials with your state licensing board.

Ask the painter to provide proof of third-party insurance that covers you in the event of damages to your home. 

Once you’ve got this far down the steps in our painter hiring guide, you should have a condensed list of top painters in your area. Call them up and ask for estimates.

How to Hire an Exterior House Painter That Offers Value

Never base your decision on price alone. A more expensive estimate may include better quality materials, extra services, and attractive warranties.

Make sure you read the fine print to ensure you know what you’re paying for. A long warranty, workmanship guarantee, and follow-up service are worth every extra cent when you hire an exterior house painter.

DIY vs. Hiring a Painter

If you decide to DIY the job, you’ll soon discover that painting your home’s exterior is a lot more difficult than you thought. Most times, you’ll have to call in the pros to fix your attempt at improving your home’s curb appeal. 

When you follow these steps for how to hire an exterior house painter, you’ll end up working with a professional who makes the extra cost worthwhile. 

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