As if having uninvited iguanas running around your backyard and climbing your trees was not bothersome enough, you may have started seeing them enjoying your pool. Although you tolerate them in your yard, you and your kids absolutely refuse to share the pool with them. You know that the time has come to call the experts at Iguana Control in Palm Beach

However, you also want to have some clever strategies for keeping them out of the pool and not having to personally chase them out. Here are some useful ideas.

Use the Pool Cover

When the pool is not in use, get in the habit of extending the pool cover. This is a surefire way of preventing them from using the pool. It will also save you from having to scoop out their poop every time anyone wants to go for a swim.

Install a Fence

Having a fence surrounding the pool area may discourage iguanas from going into the water. However, they are smart animals and may find a way of crawling in under the fence or climbing over. If that happens, add wire barriers around the fence to discourage iguanas from getting through. You may be desperate enough to consider an electrified barrier that delivers great results in keeping iguanas away. Depending on the type of fence you prefer, you can contact a company, like this one offering Pool Fencing Newcastle, to have it installed around your pool area.

Do Not Feed Iguanas

Keep from feeding the iguanas and prohibit your kids from doing so. Again, iguanas are smart. They can learn to favor your house over others where food is not available. As if this was not bad enough, iguanas may let others know about the food bounty in your home and you may see more lizards come for a snack.

Not feeding the iguanas also means being careful if you have other pets. If iguanas look for food in your yard, get your dog or cat to come into the house to eat, and never leave pet food in dishes outside. Iguanas do not discriminate and will eat anything that is available. Dishes with cat or dog food are a treat.

Iguanas can also find food in trash cans. So, if your cans are outside, make sure they are tightly covered and no animal can open them and rummage through what you have tossed out. Make sure lids are placed tightly on garbage cans every time you take out some trash or you will forever continue feeding them.

Wrap Sheet Metal Around Trees and Tall Vegetation

If an iguana is set on swimming in your pool, it will try to find a way to get in the water. Since they are such good climbers, they can run up trees, over to branches, and let themselves drop from there into the pool. When trees are encased in smooth sheet metal, they have nowhere to latch their claws and will be unable to climb.

Making sure that the iguanas are unable to climb up on your trees may also help prevent them from climbing onto your roof and burrowing there to lay their eggs. This may cause damage to the structure of your home, and you may not be aware of their presence until it is too late.

Set Up Motion-Activated Animal Sprinklers

You would think that if iguanas like the water in your pool so much, a little drizzle coming from a sprinkler will also be enjoyable. In reality, they are not too big a fan of a sprinkler. Still, you do not want to end up with an exorbitant water bill. So, installing a motion-activated sprinkler may do the trick. If you have pets, this may not be the best solution unless they do not mind getting soaked once in a while.

Do Not Have Plants Iguanas Like

If you have plants such as bougainvillea, nasturtium, hibiscus, impatiens, melons, roses, lettuce, or squash in your yard, you literally have a huge spread of iguanas’ favorite foods. The food’s scent alone will be enough to entice them over to your property. 

It may be hard to get rid of these favorites, particularly if you have taken the time to care for them and see them grow for years, but exchanging your landscaping for chenille, silver buttonwood, croton, or oleander will be a step in the right direction when it comes to keeping iguanas far away. You may want to buy some nice pots and transfer some of your favorite plants indoors.

Make Some Noise

Any loud sound will scare iguanas away. You may want to hang some wind chimes, but those only work as a deterrent on windy days. You may also place a speaker outside or a boombox nearby. In truth, any source of sound or music will irritate iguanas. The louder, the better. Just warn your neighbors that it is going to be noisy for a while.

Iguana’s dislike of loud sounds means that you can comfortably have that pool party that your kids have been wanting to have since the loud sounds coming from a boisterous pool party will definitely keep them away. The louder, the merrier.

Refresh Your Yard

If it has been a while since you mowed your lawn or trimmed your trees, now is the time to do it. Overgrown or dead plants make the perfect hiding places for iguanas. Remove anything that can offer shelter to iguanas during a hot day and do some searching to find places where they may have dug burrows. 

If you find an empty burrow, fill it up quickly to keep iguanas from returning. If it’s home to eggs, call a removal service.

Call In The Professionals

If you have exhausted all possible homemade remedies to get rid of the iguanas on your property, you may want to call in the professionals to help you with the problem. They can tell you if there is anything in your yard that needs attention and remove any iguanas that are there.

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