If you’re looking to sell your home, you are probably thinking, why not just list it on MLS, maybe put a for sale sign, and wait for the best offer to come along. Unfortunately, selling a home is much more challenging and emotionally tasking than you’d think. Aside from having strangers scrutinize and criticize your home, you will also have to deal with people offering much less than you feel your property is worth. Not forgetting how complex the paperwork can be, from accepting an offer to closing.

For these reasons and more, your safest bet to selling faster and for a better price is to work with a real estate firm. Now, you probably have thought about working with an agent, but are afraid it would be too expensive. However, it does not have to be the case.

Here are two ways you can partner with a real estate agent to get a guaranteed offer faster and without breaking the bank:

DIY Package with Upfront Fee

If you’re someone who would rather do everything yourself, but don’t have the resources or access to certain real estate components like a sign or MLS – this is the best option for you. It’s also the most affordable. All that’s needed to start is an upfront flat fee that includes a real estate sign, locknox, MLS listing, market analysis, and so much more.

With this package, you can still expect to do most things yourself like negotiating offers with buyers, taking photos of your property, and handling disclosures and contracts. So, you will need to have some knowledge of how the real estate market works.

Percentage of Sale Upon Closing Agreement

Now, you may be looking for a broker, so you don’t have to do anything throughout the selling process. If so, this partnership would suit you best. Also known as the full package, the real estate firm handles the entire process for you in exchange for an agreed upon percentage of the sale price upon closing.

The biggest advantage of this kind of partnership is you don’t need to pay any upfront costs – you only pay the broker when your house sells. On top of that, your agent will handle all of the negotiating on your behalf and give professional tips you can implement to maximize your profits.

With this option, it’s all about convenience and getting the best deals. Some firms charge as much as 3%. However, you can get the same services, or even better, at half the price.

Looking For a Guaranteed Offer on Your House? Partner With the Best Real Estate Agent in The Market

Selling your home faster and at the best price possible starts with finding a good real estate firm. That is, one that is professional, experienced, and reasonably priced. Now, depending on your needs, you can DIY it and pay an upfront fee or give a percentage of the sale price after closing. Before choosing, be sure to understand what each arrangement entails before committing.

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