Did you know that the national average for a roof replacement is $8,272? Luckily, there are ways to repair a leaking roof without having to fully replace it. In fact, you can even do the work yourself in some cases.

Are you looking for leaking roof repair tips to save your roof and your money? Do you know what to look for and the tools you’ll need for the fix? Can you Identify if the damage is from the roof or a deeper underlying issue in the foundation? If so you may need foundation repair services before fixing your roof.

The following leaking roof repair guide will walk you through the process. Read on and learn how to stop roof leaks and protect your home.

Identify the Roof Leak

Homeowners usually become aware of leaks by finding water stains on their ceilings. Take note of the water stain location and go outside with binoculars to spot the roof leak.

Check for any shingles that are damaged or that are completely missing. Leaks tend to happen where shingles meet or around flashing. The tent-shaped end cap shingles that cover the roof’s peaks often leak, too.

Once you’ve found the damage, decide if you can repair the leaks yourself. You might need roofing services for assistance if an entire row of shingles is damaged.

Fix Curled Shingles

You can easily re-secure curled-back shingles by brushing on a coat of asphalt roofing cement. There are also similar compounds in tubes that work with a caulking gun.

Apply a good amount of roofing cement to the bottom of the curled shingle. Press down firmly and make sure that the edge and corners are totally secured.

Keep in mind that shingles are more pliable in warmer weather. So, consider waiting to fix curled shingles when it’s not cold outside if possible.

Replacing Damaged or Missing Shingles

To remove a damaged shingle, lift the edges of nearby shingles and remove the nails using a pry bar. The shingle should slide out after removing the nails. Scrape away any remaining residue left behind.

Round the back corners of your replacement shingle with a utility knife. Slide the new shingle under the one above and position it with those on the side. Then, fasten the top of the new shingle with galvanized roofing nails.

Always use nails in each corner of the shingle. Finally, cover the nail heads using roof cement and smooth down the surrounding edges.

Would you like to know how to repair a leaking roof? Have you ever done it before? Read on to learn what you need to know on the subject.

Fix Damaged Flashing

You can repair leaks around metal flashing by chimneys and dormers by resealing joints. You’ll just need a caulking gun and roofing cement.

Find the damage to old joint seals and apply a fresh coat of roofing cement in the area. Smooth over your seal with a putty knife, and make sure to completely fill it in.

Repair a Leaking Roof on Your Own

Now you know how to repair a leaking roof without help from professionals. It’s easy to fix curled shingles, replace a few shingles, and seal joints around flashing. Remember this guide and stop leaks from damaging your home.

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