Men generally wear belts with all pants that have belt loops. While they used to wear suspenders back in the day, belts are much more popular now. From dressy to casual and everything in between, the best men’s belts fit right and look fabulous. Understanding how to shop for men’s belts online isn’t exactly common knowledge but it should be. There are some rules of thumb you should follow to find the best men’s belt online and be sure that it will fit great. You can learn more at Trafalgar.

Until then, here’s what you need to know about purchasing men’s belts online and how they are typically worn. Learn more at Trafalgar site and find the perfect suspenders for you

Rules of Thumb

Purchasing any clothing online can be like a crapshoot. You never really know if it’s going to fit until you get it and try it on. Following a couple of rules of thumb can help ensure a great experience when purchasing a belt. The best men’s belt will be the right size and it will be worn the right way. As a general rule of thumb, thinner belts are dressier in nature.

A thin belt with a flat shiny buckle is considered a dress belt. Nearly all formal belts are made of some type of leather. Casual belts are usually an inch and a half thick or more and often have bigger buckles. To ensure a great fit, you can add 2 inches to your trouser size. If your pants are size 32 waist, then your belt should be 34 inches.

Matching and Accessorizing

Casual men’s belts are made of multiple types of materials. They come in several styles and color options with a range of different buckles. There are snap buckles, plate-style buckles, frame-style buckles, O-ring buckles and more. When choosing a belt for an outfit, men must decide whether that belt will be worn as an accent piece or as the centerpiece of the outfit.

The chosen belt should match other leather and metal accessories if it’s a formal belt. The shoes should match the leather and the buckle should match the cufflinks. The exception is the wedding ring which doesn’t have to match anything at all.

Open Options

Purchasing a men’s belt online opens a wide variety of options over what you may find in a brick-and-mortar store. Stores are often restricted to carrying certain brands, but online outlets often do business with multiple retailers. Specializing in an accessory like belts or men’s belts allows them to offer an extensive variety of choices and sizes.

Find the Best Men’s Belt Today

Purchasing a men’s belt isn’t rocket science but it can be difficult. When shopping online, it’s best to choose a belt that is 2 inches longer than the waist on your trousers. Thinner belts with shiny buckles are usually formal. Casual belts are wider and come in a variety of colors and materials. Keep your options open and decide if your belt will be an accessory or a centerpiece for your outfit. The best men’s belt for your purpose is only a purchase away.

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