Did you know that the size of the worldwide market for laundry care was estimated to be USD 96.7 billion in 2021?

Do you often wonder how you can maintain your clothes’ quality?

To maintain your clothes’ quality, you must know how to sort laundry. After all, different fabrics require different washing methods. Left unchecked, using the wrong washing method can ruin your clothes.

Fortunately, sorting laundry is a lot easier than you think. By following the right laundry tips and tricks, you can maintain your clothes’ quality without wasting your time.

You must follow these tips to learn how to sort laundry.

Separating by Material Type

Delicate fabrics like lace and silk should separate from heavy fabrics like denim and corduroy. This prevents the heavier materials from damaging the more delicate items.

Try to always wash lights with lights and darks with darks. This technique helps minimize the risk of dye bleeding, which can permanently discolor clothes.

Additionally, separating by material tones down the noise of heavy fabrics in the washing machine labels and keeps colors from one type of fabric from running into another.

Sticking to a Washing Schedule

Consider separating items first into white and colored clothing before washing them. Doing this allows you to use the proper cycle and water temperature and guards against clothes fading and running.

The same should be done with towels, bedding, jeans, or other heavy items. You may also want to separate delicates, choosing a gentle cycle and cold water to keep them looking their best.

Sticking to a schedule keeps you organized on how to sort laundry-related tasks more efficiently.

Keeping Track of Temperature Settings

When washing dark colors, always use cold water to avoid fading. Hot water is best for white and lightly-colored clothing items to remove dirt and stains.

When it comes to drying, select the lowest heat setting available or air dry as much as possible. Hang-drying is a great way to maintain the shape of delicate items, such as sweaters and lingerie.

Dry clean-only items must be taken to the dry cleaners to extend the garment’s life. Additionally, constantly monitoring the lint filter when changing loads is essential.

Knowing What Can Be Tossed in the Dryer

Delicate items such as wool sweaters, swimsuits, and bras should be air-dried, while items such as t-shirts, socks, towels, and bedding can dry in the machine.

Try to avoid putting textiles in the dryer that have faded or stretched out over time, as this will further damage them; when sorting for the dryer, separate light, and dark clothing and avoid overloading the machine.

Sorting whites and darks helps prevent fading and clothing from becoming discolored or untangled. Additionally, read the care tags on clothing and follow their washing instructions on how to separate laundry for specific wet and dry cycles.

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Understanding Ways How to Sort Laundry

These tips on how to sort laundry can help you maintain the quality of your clothes and eliminate any problems encountered while sorting, washing, and hanging your laundry.

Knowing how to sort your clothes properly is an important skill to keep your clothes looking great for years to come. Give these tips a try, and you will see results!

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