Mardi Gras Carnival season is, contrary to popular belief, not only centered in New Orleans and, as time goes by, more and more people across the entirety of the United States hold parties and celebrations in the ten days leading up to Shrove Tuesday.

So, if you are currently planning the ultimate Mardi Gras party, then look no further for the top tips, hints, and techniques to make this Mardi Gras one for the history books.

Stick to Traditional Colors

One crystal-clear way of telling an authentically designed Mardi Gras celebration from a party which is just borrowing the name for a party’s sake is the color scheme of the decorations and dress.

You should endeavor to only include décor and costumes which are either purple, gold, and green, or indeed a combination of two or all three. Traditionally, the three colors trace back to 1892, when purple was thought to represent justice, gold to represent power, and green to represent faith.

Hire Knowledgeable Caterers

Food and drink are two essential components of any celebration, but when it comes to planning the ultimate traditional Mardi Gras party, both are even more important.

Traditional types of food which will ensure your guests feel as if they are fully immersed in the French Quarter of New Orleans include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Fat Tuesday Donuts
  • Shrimp Po’boy
  • Sausage Cajun Orzo
  • Cajun Jambalaya
  • King Cake Shots
  • Shrimp & Grits

Additionally, it would also be strongly advisable to hire reputable and knowledgeable staff from, who can come to your venue and be prepped with authentic Mardi Gras drinks and cocktails including

Dressing Up Is Compulsory

The beauty of holding a fabulous Mardi Gras gathering is that, when it comes to dressing up, anything goes, as long as it is respectful enough that your guests will not be arrested on their way to your party.

Aside from specific, structured, and more respectful services to commemorate Mardi Gras, anything goes when it comes to costume and fashion and there is essentially one rule; you and your guests must dress up.

The more fabulous the style and the more ostentatious the colors, the better, and encouraging your Mardi Gras attendees to wear a mask, at least for the photographs and initial entrance, is even more in keeping with traditional celebrations.

Music, Music, Music

Finally, whether you are intending on hiring a live band for your Mardi Gras celebrations, or else plan to throw the party in your own home, the music is one of the main components and, as such, should be in keeping with those celebrations happening in New Orleans.

As a general rule, your musical party playlist should consist of mainly rhythm and blues, zydeco, brass music, and jazz, and all be upbeat, party classics, and Mardi Gras favorites, which are instantly recognizable to all. A party atmosphere is essential and the vibe of your party should be centered around the ultimate celebration of life.

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