Slots are the most popular games in both live and online casinos worldwide – play CloverCasino games. However, despite their popularity, very few people know how the slots work or how to win.

For the most part, slots are games of chance, which means there is nothing much you can do to change the odds in your favour. However, there are ways to limit your losses and increase your winning odds.

Take note of tips and strategies listed here to help you win real money playing slots.

1. Choose Slots with High RTP

When choosing slot games at online and live casinos, check the RTP of the game. Return to Player (RTP) indicates how much you can expect a slot to pay back your wager. For instance, when you bet €100 on a slot with an RTP of 97.8%, you are likely to get back €97.8 after spinning the reels. Note that the return is probability and occurs after long gaming sessions, and not a guaranteed outcome.

Slots with an RTP of above 95% are a good choice. High variance slots of 98% and above make it possible to win on a few more instances than those with a 95% RTP.

2. Go for Smaller Jackpots

Slots with smaller jackpots tend to pay out more frequently. So, if your concern is winning without chasing the big bucks, games with smaller jackpots are a good choice. While games with huge jackpots are enticing, your odds of claiming one is minimal.

3. Practice playing with Free Play

Free slot games are crucial to winning at slots. Before you can bet for real money while trying to understand how a slot works, you can play free games to familiarize yourself with the game. The gameplay for free slots is the same as the real money versions, but you cannot withdraw the winnings from free games.

4. Lookout for Slot and Casino Bonuses

Bonus features or games in slots offer gamers the chance to win money. The most common bonus is the free spins, but you can find others like multipliers. Bonus features can potentially boost your odds of landing a jackpot by prolonging gameplay or adding more funds. Always look at the paytable first to see if the slot has any bonus and the wagering requirements.

Also, most casinos offer their players bonuses on certain slot machines. While these are not very common, they are a good way to increase your bankroll. Keep an eye for promos such as free spins and other seasonal bonuses like welcome bonuses. Usually, casinos offer these bonuses to attract new players to their sites.

5. Bet What You Can Afford

Keep in mind that your odds of winning are minimal if you are broke after a few spins. Always take it slow and never step out of your boundaries. Betting on slots is the same as betting on other casino games, and if not careful, it can leave you broke.

While there is no sure-fire way to win at slots, you can increase your odds by doing things like what is listed above. Also, paying attention to the slot’s stats and features and using the casino’s promos can keep you spinning and winning longer.

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