Bikes are often incredibly expensive; some of them can cost as much as a second-hand car; because of this, they are often the target of theft. Therefore, if your bike is your form of transportation, then it is incredibly important that you keep it safe. Luckily, there are a number of steps that you can take to ensure that your bike is safe and secure so let’s get into it.

Parking Your Bike

There will be times when you need to park your bike in public, and unfortunately, you won’t always have access to a secure storage space like a bike rack or parking lot. An unsecured bike can be stolen in seconds. When it comes to leaving your bike in public, you need to ensure that it is in a well-lit area that has a good amount of foot traffic; this can act as a deterrent for any would-be thieves. Finally, it would also be prudent to invest in a solid bike lock and learn the best way to fit it to make sure that your bike is locked as securely as possible.

Locking Your Bike

As mentioned above, using a bike lock is imperative to keeping your bike safe. A D-lock is one of the best choices for your bike. Quality is key; a lower-quality bike lock is more easily broken, sawn through, or bolt cutters to free your bike. When using a bike lock, you need to lock your bike through something sturdy and immovable, like a fence, bike rack, or tree. The other end of the lock needs to be locked through both the wheel and the frame if possible. 

Avoid Being Flashy 

The truth is that posting on social media often seems innocuous enough; it is the only place that people feel that they can be completely candid. However, social media can actually be a popular method used by thieves to find their next victim. If you frequently post flashy pictures of your bike or use geotags to show your location, then you might be directing the thieves straight to you. Adopt some internet safety tips like making your account private and avoiding showing off. 

Keeping Your Bike at Home

A lot of bike owners tend to assume that their bikes are safe at home, but unfortunately, this is not always the case. You need to secure your bike at home, too; leaving it outside leaning up against your property is not going to cut it. So instead, take it inside your garage or apartment. Essentially, you want to keep the bike away from prying eyes. 

Register Your Bike

When you get a new bike, you need to register it. This can help if your bike does get stolen or go missing. Take a photo of your bike and note down the registration or manufacturer’s number as well as any distinctive marks or features. The registering service you use will depend on your location, there are national registers, but there may also be a local or state register. It may also be worth fitting your bike with an RFID tag because they are difficult to remove, and it can tell you where your bike is. 

Avoid Leaving Valuables on the Bike

if you leave valuables on your bike, then you are making it more enticing for thieves. After you have parked your bike, remember to check it and make sure that you have taken all of your valuables with you. Some items obviously can’t be removed and reattached every time you lock your bike but emptying your basket and making sure you have your bag with you is good advice.

Bicycle Insurance

If you own a good bike or if you would consider it your main form of transportation, then it makes sense to look into bike insurance. Depending on the insurer, you can find comprehensive policies that cover you for theft, loss, damage, and injury. You can even find insurance by the type of bike you use. For example, Velosurance has rad power bikes insurance and other electric or power bikes policies. This can reassure you when using your bike that things will be ok and helps relieve stress if your bike does get damaged out of your control.

After a Theft

If you are unlucky enough to have your bike stolen, then there are several steps you need to take. Firstly, you need to file a police report. Then you should notify your insurance. After this, you may choose to let it go, especially if you are on track to receive a payout; you could simply replace the bike and move on. However, if you want to find your bike, you could share it on social media to ensure that your local community is aware of it. The thieves will likely be looking to sell it, so check local ads to see if you can find it.

In Summary

Bikes can be costly, which is why bicycle security is so important; it is also part of the reason why bike thefts are so common. In order to protect your investment, you need to implement the tips mentioned above. However, it is often a case of simply remembering to use your common sense.

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