Having a happy, caring dog is one of the best things about being a pet owner! But most of us agree that our dog’s propensity for digging in the yard does not help our lawn’s appearance.

A 2022 study found that 69 million U.S. households owned at least one dog. So there’s a high likelihood that you’re not alone in dealing with dog lawn care woes!

It’s not hard to keep the damage to your lawn under control. Keep reading for some pro tips to maintain beautiful grass in your yard and avoid the doggie-doo disaster.

Reseed with Damage-Resistant Grass

It will help to keep your lawn looking green and attractive without the risk of bare patches or brown spots. Several types of grasses are resistant to damage from dogs, so be sure to ask your local nursery or landscaper for advice on the best option for your lawn.

Once you have the correct type of grass, be sure to water it and keep it free of debris and other materials that could damage it. Regular mowing and fertilizing will also help to keep your lawn looking its best.

You can get suggestions from your local lawn care company on the best types of grass if you have pets. Aside from lawn maintenance services, https://rdslawncare.com/ offers pet-friendly backyard landscaping.

Remove Dog Waste Immediately

If you leave dog waste on the lawn, it can attract bugs and other pests that can carry diseases. Additionally, dog waste can kill growing grass and other plants, so removing it as soon as possible is essential.

One way to make this easier is to train your dog to go in a specific spot in the yard, and then you can clean up that area.

Mow the Grass Higher

If you have a dog, you know they love running and playing in the yard. But, if the grass is too short, it can damage their delicate paw pads.

Set the blade higher than you usually would when you mow the grass. It will help to protect your dog’s paws and keep your lawn looking great.

Reduce Fertilizer

Too much fertilizer can be harmful to your dog if they ingest it.

Make sure to choose an organic fertilizer designed for dogs that won’t harm them if they come into contact with it.

Look Out for Yellow Spots

Many dog owners find themselves perplexed when they notice yellow spots on their once-lush green lawn. Dogs may be the culprit, but a few other things could also be to blame.

The first step is to rule out other possible causes, such as grubs or pests. Once you’ve done that, it’s time to take a closer look at your lawn care routine. If you’re not already doing so, be sure to pick up after your dog.

Another critical step is to trim your dog’s nails. Long nails can cause a lot of damage to grass, so this is an essential step in keeping your lawn looking its best.

Lawn Care Tips for Better Pet and Lawn Health

Although it may be extra lawn care work when you have a dog, it is essential to do so to keep your dog healthy. You need to take a few additional steps, such as picking up waste and watering more, but having a healthy lawn for your dog to enjoy is worth it.

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