Whether you tend to be forgetful or not, everyone loses something from time to time. One of the most commonly lost items are our house and car keys.

Much like losing your wallet or phone, finding that your keys are missing can quickly send you into a panic. How will you drive home or drive to work? How can you get your belongings out of your car?

Keep reading to learn what to do if you lose your key fob or remote key.

Comparing the Different Types of Car Keys

Before you learn what to do when your keys go missing, it’s important to understand the difference between various types of car keys.

Just a couple of decades ago, car keys, much like house keys, were relatively basic. Today, they have become much more advanced. To see what I mean, head over to clksupplies.com to see the wide variety of keys offered today.

Most modern cars have one of four types of keys, including:

  • Basic keys that feature a security chip. While the key goes into the door and ignition much like a traditional key, without the security chip, the car won’t start.
  • Some keys feature an ignition key with a remote. This means that there is both a traditional key used in the ignition and buttons that can automatically unlock your doors or open your trunk.
  • Key fobs unlock a car with the push of a button. These keys often don’t have a traditional key at all. They feature buttons that allow you to unlock and lock your car.
  • Some key fobs feature additional functions, like keyless entry and push start. With keyless entry, radio waves from the key let your car know when you are close with the key. When you get close to the car, the door will unlock automatically.

What to Do if You Lose a Key Fob or Remote Key

The first thing that you’ll likely need to do when you find that your car key is lost is call a locksmith. They can help you get inside of your car to get to your belongings. In the case of basic keys, your locksmith might also be able to help replace lost keys.

However, if you need to replace a key fob, you’ll likely need to reach out to your vehicle’s manufacturer or your local dealership. Some auto shops may also be able to help replace your car key.

Replacing Your Key Fob or Remote Key

Now that you know what to do if you lose your key fob or remote key, you’ll know exactly what to do the next time your keys go missing.

Before you begin the process of getting a remote car key replacement, make sure that your key is truly lost. It could cost anywhere from $20 to several hundred dollars to replace your key or key fob, depending on the type of key. So you’ll want to make sure that your old key isn’t likely to suddenly reappear as soon as you’ve paid for your brand new replacement.

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