Did you know in the United States, 70% of homes have a pet?

Having a pet is a wonderful and rewarding experience. They bond with our families and help us release certain hormones that result in us feeling the same love! Plus, they’re significant sources of joy and love for our families.

We must help our pets lead healthy lives – especially if they’re senior animals. If you’re interested in learning some of our tips for keeping a healthy pet, be sure to keep reading.

Receive Regular Veterinary Checkups

Veterinary checkups assess your pet’s health and can detect potential issues that pet owners may not recognize. During the checkup, the vet can conduct physical examinations. Also, administer preventative care and guidance on any health issues. Besides, update vaccinations as needed and regular deworming, flea and tick control.

More pet owners are now leveraging minimally invasive veterinary surgery as a safer and more precise alternative. This type of surgery is a popular choice for pet owners. It offers less pain, faster recovery times, less discomfort, and fewer potential complications. 

Having a pet healthcare plan in place will ensure your pet gets the necessary preventative care they need, and is essential to their quality of life. Besides, pet healthcare insurance provides peace of mind that your pet will receive the best care when they are sick or injured.

Give Proper Nutrition

In providing proper healthcare for pets, one of the top tips for a healthy pet is to give your pet the best possible food and lifestyle. While no standard diet works for all pets, avoid human food and limit treats, as they may contain high fat and sugar content.

Pay attention to the age and dietary needs of your pet, as these can vary drastically. Ensure your pet eats a balanced diet with all the essential vitamins, minerals, and proteins they need to grow and remain healthy. Consider the ingredients in their pet food–some proteins and other nutrients provide more benefit than others.

Get Regular Exercise

Exercise will allow your pet to stay healthy and in shape and help prevent obesity and other health issues. Try to plan a daily walk for your pet, keeping the length and intensity appropriate to their individual needs.

If your pet is a dog, you may also want to take them to an off-leash park to get some fun exercise or to a dog park to socialize. Swimming and fetch games can also help your pet to stay active.

To keep things interesting, alternate between different exercises on different days. 

Plenty of Rest

Rest is essential for pet health and well-being. Without adequate rest, a pet can become irritable, loud, or prone to disease. Make sure your pet has a comfortable place to sleep where they can rest without being disturbed.

Provide shelter and shade during the hotter months and make sure their bed is warm enough during cold weather. Limit the time they spend outside during extreme weather. Be sure they aren’t exposed to noise or bright lights when they are sleeping.

Try These Top Tips for a Healthy Pet

At the end of the day, love, care, and happiness are the fundamental components of pet healthcare. Also, providing regular exercise and attention, a nutritious diet, plenty of rest, and timely vet visits can keep your pet healthy and happy. Try out some of these tips today and feel the love of your healthy pet!

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