Your garage door is your home’s largest moving component, spanning 6 by 8 feet.

Over the years, it’s taken many pounding from things that are much larger than themselves, even. But the garage door has the resilience of forever, it seems, and can keep on chugging for many years to come.

But how long will it last if you don’t take care of it?

This quick and easy guide is for anyone interested in helping their garage door last even longer. Check out this maintenance for garage door tips from the pros.

1. Schedule Inspections

Depending on the number of times of using the doors, you need to conduct weekly inspections. Inspecting specific components such as door track, tension springs, and garage door rollers. Testing the locking system makes sure the garage door opens and closes without issue.

During the inspection process, wipe any dirt, grease, and debris with a warm, damp cloth. Also, make sure to apply clean oil to the hinges. Spray lubricant designed for garage doors onto the rollers and regular pulleys.

You can also find a garage door installer near you to inspect for you. A professional ensures a thorough inspection and can also take care of any problems if needed.

2. Test the Door Balance

Before checking, unlock the door. Open the door part way, then release the button to see if it stays in place or closes.

If it stays in place, the balance is good. If it lowers, adjust the balance. Adjusting the tension screws can fix this. These screws are usually located at the upper corners of the middle part of the door.

After adjusting, test the balance again. Continue to adjust until the door stays in place when released.

3. Lubricate

Lubricating a garage door is essential to its functioning. The key is to use a good quality lubricant made for garage door usage.

Start by lubricating all the moving parts, especially the hinges. If your garage door has sprung, lubricate these as well. Using a spray lubricant is the most popular way to lubricate garage doors. If you do not have a spray then a light oil or graphite also works. Make sure to avoid petroleum-based products. These can damage components of your garage door.

4. Clean and Paint

Cleaning the guard rails of dirt and debris is one of the basic steps. Then inspect for any signs of rusting or deterioration of the rails. If you see any sign of damage, then replace the guide rails immediately.

Apply lubricant to the rollers and hinges to maintain their movement. Make sure to polish the door with wax or specialized paint. This extends its lifetime and makes sure its look remains intact. It is also advised that the paint is touched up every year to preserve its original look. 

Avoid Problems With This Maintenance for Garage Door Tips

Maintenance of garage door systems is crucial. 

It extends the life of the system and ensures optimal functioning. It is important to have the know-how to ensure the smooth running of your system. For more maintenance tips, contact an experienced technician today!

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