Physical therapy is a rewarding career for anyone who wants to help others pursue an improved quality of life. The work you do will be very gratifying, but it can also be physically demanding at times. To succeed in this profession, it’s crucial to have strong interpersonal skills and empathy for people in need. 

This article discusses everything you need to know about physical therapy careers. It includes education requirements, salary prospects, job outlook, and potential for advancement.

What Is a PT?

Physical therapists are health professionals who work with patients to restore function following an illness or injury.

Physical therapy is a rewarding career choice because it offers so many options for specialization. Some PTs choose to focus on the care of infants, while others may work in particular areas of sports medicine or geriatrics.

And of course, becoming a PT isn’t just limited to adults. In many areas of the country, pediatric therapy is growing in importance as well.

Due to the high demand for physical therapy care, there’s a projected 21% growth rate for this occupation from 2020-2030. You can expect a bright outlook for your career if you’re currently pursuing your degree or are considering a career change.

Physical Therapist Jobs: Do I Need a Degree in PT?

Not necessarily. Although, some schools require that you earn your bachelor’s degree. You must have it before enrolling in their physical therapy program.

There are also several accredited entry-level programs available for aspiring physical therapists. It’s available to those who hold an associate’s degree (A.S.) or other degrees.

It’s important to note that physical therapy curriculums are designed around core subjects. Those subjects include biology, anatomy, and physiology. Furthermore, physics, kinesiology, human growth and development, and research methods in PT are part of the curriculum.

Should you choose to pursue a bachelor’s degree in physical therapy, you’re likely to face an increased course load. However, physical therapy careers are more plentiful for those with master’s degrees or doctorates. But it depends on the employer.

What Do Physical Therapy Schools Look For?

Although it hasn’t always been like this, physical therapy school programs now focus much of their attention on clinical education. For example, students are required to complete several internships.

The internships are in various settings to offer valuable experience. Physical therapist programs have specific standards that they use to measure student readiness for the profession.

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Rewarding Physical Therapy Careers

If you’re looking for a rewarding and challenging career, physical therapy may be the perfect choice for you. However, it’s important to get the proper education before entering this field. We hope that this content has helped you learn more about physical therapy careers, and what it takes to become a physical therapist.

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