Termite cost over 5 billion dollars in property damage every year. Termite damage isn’t usually covered by homeowner’s insurance, so if you have termites, you’ll be footing the bill on your own. 

It’s important to know the various signs of termites so you can catch them right away before they cause too much harm. Read on to learn all about the common signs of termites. 

Mud Tubes

Look around the outside of your home. While most signs of termite infestations are inside the house, remember that the termites originally came from outside of the house. You can see signs there as well.

Mud tubes look like strips of dried mud around the bottom visible part of your home. They will go up the side of the house a few inches.

This is a sign that termites have worked their way inside.


Finding termite droppings can be challenging. Of course, termites are small so their droppings are tiny. You also can’t always see termite droppings depending on the breed of termite that you’re dealing with (you can only see droppings from plywood termites).

Their droppings will look like piles of tiny wood shavings. You’ll see them underneath holes in your furniture, walls, or molding. 

Discarded Wings

While most termites are lurking in your walls, there are swarmers who fly around to find mates. Once those swarmers have completed their purpose, they die quickly (especially indoors).

You can find small wings that look like fish scales on windowsills and near doorways, but you’ll have to look closely. You may not see the bodies of the insects, but the wings will remain. 

Tiny Holes

Termites enter your walls and furniture through tiny holes that may look too small for bugs. Don’t be fooled. Termites don’t need much space to start causing problems. 

Those holes may be in your paint or wallpaper, on the undersides of furniture, or anywhere else that gives termites access to wood. 

Hollow Wood

serious termite infestations result in damage to walls and furniture. If you have a feeling that you’ve been dealing with a termite problem for a long time, try tapping the wall wherever you suspect termites to be. 

If the wall sounds hollow, it’s a sign that termites have already made a serious impact. You can’t wait any longer for termite fumigation

Peeling or Bubbling Paint or Wallpaper

Even before there’s serious structural damage, termites can start doing minor damage underneath your paint and wallpaper. Luckily, this can be fairly visible and easier to fix than the structural damage to your actual walls.

Look for any areas where the paint or wallpaper is peeling or bubbling. This is a sign that there’s something amiss under the surface. It might not be termites, but termites are a potential cause. 

Have You Noticed Any Signs of Termites?

If you’re noticing any common signs of termites, it might be time to call a pest control professional. Don’t ignore signs of pests, or they may take over your home. Evict those pesky unwanted visitors!

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