Did you know that you should renovate your bathroom every four to five years? This is about the current trend cycle when colors, textures, and accessories start to look old and dated.

Have you ever thought about switching to a simple bathroom design? Since minimalism is all the rage right now, it may be something to look into. Here are some tips to have a minimalist and simple bathroom design on a budget.

Use a Neutral Color Palette

One of the hallmarks of the modern bathroom is a neutral color palette. You can go for true neutral, warm neutral, or even cool neutral, depending on the aesthetic of your home.

Some of the best neutral shades include grays, whites, eggshells, and browns. You can choose a single color or go with multiple hues that work well together within the same color scheme.

Hidden Storage Areas

The last thing you want in your modern bathroom is too much clutter. If you have a lot of products, then you should consider finding ways to store them that make them less visible.

For instance, try to organize your products in a shower shelving system so they are easy to access. You can also buy containers and shelves underneath your sink so you do not have too many items on the countertop.

A Separate Room for the Tub

For the height of luxury in a modern bathroom, try having a separate bathtub and shower. You can even take it a step further and put the bathtub in a separate room.

If you live somewhere that has stunning views and you are high enough, consider putting a window in the bathroom. You can bathe while looking at the skyline or a beautiful landscape.

Marble Countertops

Marble countertops are a sturdy choice for bathrooms because they are minimalistic and resistant to wear and tear. The best option for a simple bathroom design is white marble.

Marble can be expensive, but it is worth the money for such a timeless material. If you have a small bathroom, you will not have to spend as much on marble to cover your available counter space.

Little to No Accents

If you want to keep the appeal of your modern bathroom, you should avoid putting in accents that are too noticeable. For example, try clear glass shower doors instead of a shower curtain.

For your cabinets, try using a small handle or something that will help you open them without a knob. You can keep the sleek, modern feel that you desire in your bathroom.

Try a Simple Bathroom Design Today

If you want to remodel your space for a modern bathroom, you should definitely go with a simple bathroom design. With these ideas, you can have the powder room of your dreams, whether it is a large or a small bathroom.

Want to learn more about bathroom design ideas and how you can remodel your home? Check out our site for more ideas and inspiration today.

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