Technology has come a long way over the past decade, helping to make our daily lives more convenient. And innovative new technologies are developing all the time, promising to make our lives easier and more fulfilling.

Smart technology is a perfect example of this, with many new exciting trends emerging this year.

In this article, we’ll explore the five latest trends in smart home technology. But first, what is smart home technology?

What is smart home technology?

Smart home technology refers to automatable, internet-connected devices and appliances that are used around the home each day. This technology can help you enjoy higher levels of convenience and comfort, as well as help you cut energy costs – in short, it gives you greater control over your home.

Five latest smart home technology developments

  1. Automated robots

Robot cleaners still sound like something that belongs in sci-fi movies rather than real life. But the truth is, they’ve already arrived and are making people’s cleaning easier than ever.

Feature advanced navigation that maps out your home, they can hoover up your mess all over your home without collisions. While they don’t have the power to compete with regular vacuums just yet, they can still significantly reduce your hoovering workload around the home.

  • Smart locks

Most burglars can easily pick traditional locks, so they’re becoming increasingly insecure options as time goes on. Smart locks offer a safer option, using keypads and codes instead of outdated locking mechanisms.

They’re smartphone-compatible, letting you operate them remotely with an encrypted password – handy for letting loved ones in when you’re away from home. The best smart locks also let your programme them to lock after a few seconds or at specified hours, like overnight.

  • Smart lighting

Switching lights on and off through your lightbulb might seem excessive but smart lighting has much more to offer than just this.

Not only can you adjust brightness and colour but you can even create schedules for lights to turn on at specific times of the day. This is far more convenient than controlling your lights manually. Moreover, it also helps you save on energy as the lights are only on when you’ve planned to use them.

  • Smart kitchen appliances

It might sound over-the-top, but app control is now being introduced for traditional appliances in your kitchen. As with most smart technology, this goes far beyond turning them on and off smartphone. It extends to genuinely useful features like updates on when maintenance is needed, energy usage visibility and even integrated entertainment.

  • Health tech

Recent years has seen the popularity of wellness gadgets soar and this trend isn’t dying down anytime soon. There are so many new ways to use smart tech to stay on top of your health, including smart scales that track body composition, at-home blood pressure monitors that send data to your doctor, and air purifiers that help keep your allergies at bay.

Which of these smart home technology trends will you be taking part in?

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