It feels great to come home after a long day, sit down in your favorite chair and kick your feet up on a great leather ottoman. This is a classic way to use this traditional piece of furniture, but it’s far from your only option. It’s time to take the ottoman beyond the role of footstool and see how versatile an ottoman can be.

Bonus Seating

An easy and useful way to get more life from your leather ottoman is to use it as a seat. A well-built piece can easily hold an adult’s weight so you can always have an extra spot to sit in your living room or dining room. Ottomans also make great seats because they can be moved. It’s simple to slide the ottoman wherever you need it to accommodate the guests you’re entertaining.

Ottomans are also comfortable, with plenty of padding and leather tops. They can quickly become some of the best seats in the house while still looking stylish with the rest of your decor.

Table Substitute

An oversized leather ottoman can do even more. In addition to  being a seat, an ottoman can become a coffee table in your living space. You can find versions with tables that are built into the top of the unit so you have a hard surface for your items, or you can add decorative trays to create spaces for drinks or other objects. Just make sure the top of the ottoman is wide and flat enough to provide a level surface.

You don’t have to stop at your coffee table. Smaller ottomans can also work as side tables. Just like with the coffee table, make sure you have a level surface so you can safely place lamps or trays on top. With leather ottomans, make sure to quickly clean up any spills or moisture that gets on the surface.

Playroom Storage

Playrooms are also good spaces to add an ottoman. The soft, padded surfaces are good for children as they jump around and play. For more organization, get an ottoman with a top that opens to reveal storage. Now it can double as a toy chest, making it easy for the kids to put up their toys when they finish playing. If your playroom is also used as an adult space, this is a more attractive option for storage than a classic toy box.

Dressing Room Seat

An ottoman can also add luxury to a large closet or dressing room. If you have the space, place an ottoman in the middle of the room. It will give you a place to sit when putting on socks or shoes and you can add more storage to the space.

Find Your New Favorite Leather Ottoman

It’s time to upgrade your home by thinking out of the box with a leather ottoman. Whether you use one in the living room, kids’ space or bedroom, this versatile piece of furniture can bring new functionality to your house. 

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