Apartment living is much different than living in a house. It is a temporary living arrangement that makes furnishing tricky for most people. First, you have to decide if splurging on the furniture will be worth it in the long haul or if saving will be the better choice since there is a chance the furnishings you purchase will be on craigslist when you move next. 

Living Room

The living room is the heart of any home. Furnishing it is vital. Each apartment is different, so when deciding which furniture to splurge on, always go for the smaller pieces. Accent tables and a lounge chair are two things you could keep forever. 

On the other hand, you should not spend too much on purchasing a sofa if it does not fit in any future dwellings. Speak with a Joybird customer service representative if you need help finding a couch on a budget.


Regarding the kitchen, most of your smaller appliances, such as a coffee maker or air frier, should be a splurge item. They are easy to move around with you, and most use frequently. The same goes for any dishes that food is served in. Things there will easily move into a new apartment or home if you move again. 

Similar to the living room, you will want to save on larger furniture items, such as a kitchen table and chairs, since there is a chance they will not fit in any other places you move to. Look up Joybird reviews to get a good idea of what you could get for less.


Your bedroom is arguably the most important room. It is where you get your rest; no matter where you move, you will always need a bed. So splurge on a bed you never want to leave. Meanwhile, you can save on dressers or clothing racks since the storage may change from apartment to apartment.

Furnishing an apartment can be difficult and expensive, but knowing where to splurge and where to save will help you.

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