Your eyelashes will never grow beyond a predetermined length. On average your natural eyelashes will live anywhere from 4 months to 11 months before shedding at the end of their lifecycle. Other factors that can affect lashes are aging, hormones, and medications, which can leave your lash line looking a little sparse, or worse, non-existent. If you are interested in having long, beautiful lashes there are some great options available.

Adding either strips, or individual Ellipse Eyelash Extensions to your natural eyelashes is a flattering way to accentuate your eyes. There are many colors and types from which to choose, giving you options according to your personal style. Let’s take a look at two of the more popular types of lashes available.

Eyelash Extensions

Ellipse Eyelash Extensions are individual eyelashes, or groups of eyelashes called fans, glued directly to your natural eyelashes. These extensions are some of the most natural looking lashes available on the market, and blend right in with your own eyelashes. Whereas the strip lashes mentioned above are for daily wear and removed for storage, eyelash extensions are more of a long term solution.

Eyelash extensions  are extremely customizable with the option to only fill in sparse places on your lid, or go for an entire set of flattering wispy lashes. Once the lashes are glued in place they will remain for weeks. They eventually grow out and drop off with your natural lashes. At this point you can have them filled in with new lash extensions or opt to let them drop off

naturally as your actual lashes shed. 

Strip Lashes

Strip lashes are just that – strips of lashes that are glued to the eyelid in one piece. Strip lashes can create drama when you are looking for a really full and fluttery look. Strips are great for beginners because they are quick, easily trimmed to length, and go from corner to corner of the eyelid. The strips are a snap to put on with lash glue and easy to remove as well.

The advantage is you wear them all day, up to 12 hours, and then remove them. Putting them in a lash case to keep them clean and dust free will extend the life of your lashes. Strip lashes can be used once or twice, but then tend to lose their stickiness- which means you’ll have to eventually toss them and buy more. The costs tend to add up, which is why most women prefer individual lash extensions.

Strips Or Extensions?  What To Consider

Both strip lashes and Ellipse Eyelash Extensions are terrific options for defining your eyes with beautiful full lashes. Fully customizable with minimal touch ups, lash extensions  make for almost effortless beauty when applied individually, and last for weeks. Individual lashes can be styled in different ways like classic, voluminous, or hybrid. If no fuss, long term lashes are what you are looking for, Ellipse Eyelash Extensions might work best for you.

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