A lot of people identify winter as their favorite season and enjoy everything that comes with it. However, some people struggle to stay warm in the winter for various reasons. Living in regions where winters are severe demands special skills and survival techniques that will help you get through the longest period of the year. There are inhibited places on Earth where temperatures can even go below 40 degrees Celsius, and learning how to live in these conditions can be quite demanding. Staying warm is one of the basic survival needs of humans. And as we go into winter, these survival instincts are being activated. So, we have prepared a couple of tips on how to stay warm and cozy at home.

Hot Air Furnaces

Forced air furnaces are the ones that heat the air and release it through ducts in your home.  There are a couple of types of these furnaces, and you should follow a buyer’s guide for furnaces so you can choose the best type for you. The basic features of the furnaces are that they have systems that can detect temperature changes and adapt to them immediately. The furnaces may also use different types of fuel for working, and these include oil, gas, and electricity. Nevertheless, the choice is yours, depending on which source you find to be most cost-effective. Since these function according to smart systems, you will see how conditions are changing and how your home becomes warmer.

Dress in Layers

Bundle up. Do not be ashamed to put on a lot of clothes and layer them up. You should wear long underwear, sweaters, and even hats. Do you remember the days of “sleeping caps”? Now, they make sense! Yes, you should try wearing hats and caps so that your head can stay warm. If you are going outside, then you should wear a scarf as well. A golden tip is to wear a polyester or silk undershirt instead of cotton ones. These will keep the temperature of your body optimal and will not let the warmth fly away. However, you need to avoid layering, which will make you drip with sweat. The main goal for you is to stay warm and dry. 

Try to Keep Your Feet Warm

We highly recommend you use the house slippers indoors. It might sound old-fashioned, but wearing the slippers in your home will make a huge difference as they will keep your feet warm. Remember to put on warm socks. A lot of people who live in cold regions say that good socks are their best friends, as they keep their feet warm, and as long as your feet are warm, you will tend to feel less cold. However, do not forget to change your socks regularly, as you will avoid odors caused by layering. Using wool socks or smart wool will keep your feet warm and prevent them from sweating.

Heat the Bed

You should not turn on the heat for the entire house. Instead, you can use a safe electrical blanket that will turn itself off. The budget option for this can be a bottle of warm water under your regular blanket, which will be covered in wool or fleece. Some experiences of people who have already tried this method suggest that you should fill the bottle with warm water and slide it into the foot of your bed between the sheets. By the time you are all prepared for bed, you will see how your bed becomes super toasty and warm. Believe it or not, the bottles filled with water will stay warm all night long.

Use the Power of the Sun

It is recommended that you leave the blinds and drapes on the south side of your house open throughout the day, as this will allow more of the warm sun’s rays to enter your area. As night falls, you should be sure to shut all of the blinds and drapes in your house so that you may better insulate it. Pro tip! Employ roller blinds for your windows since they lock the heat in, which ultimately leads to decreased energy costs.

Look for the Drifts and Block Them

Drift is a serious problem for older houses and can cause great problems with heating the space as the heat will keep escaping. There are a couple of tips that will help you block the drift in your home. One of the ways is to hang the blankets in open spaces so you can block the heat out. This will not only keep your lower floors hotter, where you spend most of your time, but will also help you save some heating dollars. Do not forget to put something on the bottom of your door so that the hot air does not escape your room through the small creeks under your door. Layering your windows is the most creative one, we must admit. It is well known that blinds and curtains can function as great insulation. You can layer your windows with thermal-backed drapes, closed Venetian blinds, and a nice flannel tablecloth that will block the heat from escaping the place.

Give Your Best to Stay Active

Even though we know you are not motivated to move during the winter nights, we suggest you keep your body moving. You can try running up and down the stairs, and repeating the whole process a couple of times. You will most certainly warm up. When you are spending a lot of time in your home, you can start a couple of projects, such as a complete redecoration of your closet and garage and a thorough cleaning of your entire house. The point is to stay active as much as possible.

Keeping warm may be quite a challenge at times, especially if you struggle to keep the temperature in your house at a comfortable level. You need to keep in mind that the first thing you should do is become warm, and only then should you concentrate on the environment. The advice that was given to you before may be of use to you in dealing with this issue.

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