Having pet reptiles in the home is an exotic idea, but it’s more common than many realize. An estimated 9 million pet reptiles reside in the United States, with most living in reptile aquariums built to meet their essential needs. These pets offer a different pet owner experience that is fulfilling and memorable.

Part of adopting a pet reptile is shopping for aquariums for reptiles to ensure your new pet’s needs and ideal living conditions are met. If you’re new to a reptile aquarium setup, you need not fret; you can learn the best steps to set up lizard aquariums.

Fortunately, you’ve unearthed this guide to setting up and building aquariums for pet reptiles in your home. Continue reading to find the proper aquarium setup for your pet today!

Pick the Reptile Tank

The first step when you adopt a reptile or lizard is to pick the best tank. The terrarium should be large enough to house your reptile when fully grown comfortably.

Depending on your adopted reptile, it’s wise to consider a taller tank. Geckos prefer space to climb as they age; a taller tank will allow them their ideal environment. Reptiles like turtles will crave more ground space to walk and explore.

Find the Right Lighting

The lighting in lizard aquariums is also vital for a healthy and comfortable environment. Your lighting should mimic night and day in the terrarium to create a natural cycle for your scaly or shelled friends. Set up a 12-hour on, 12-hour off cycle with your lighting to mimic daylight hours for your new pet.

Reptiles require UVA and UVB light to remain healthy in your reptile tanks. The UVA light mimics sunlight, while UVB helps with Vitamin D3 synthesis for reptiles. You can gain more information for reptiles as pets before you adopt your new family member.

Understand Heating Needs

Different reptiles will have different heating needs for a comfortable and safe environment. All reptiles are cold-blooded, so a heat source is necessary to regulate body temperature. Heat tape and mats are excellent investments for reptiles that need direct contact.

Placing a heat lamp on one end of your tank is perfect for replicating your pet lizard’s need for a warm, basking spot. The other end of the aquarium should remain unlit to allow a shady and cool space.

Find a Substrate

The substrate is part of the reptile aquariums where your new family member sleeps. The best substrates offer a feeling similar to the lizard’s natural habitat. Find a substrate that is simple to clean and comfy for your newest addition to the family.

Find the Best Reptile Aquariums for Your Pet

Reptile aquariums are controlled environments that offer comfort, safety, and the feeling of home for your pet reptiles. Picking the right tank requires accounting for future growth and the reptile’s preferred way of life. Purchase lights to mimic the night and day cycle, and choose a comfortable and safe substrate for your new pet.

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