What’s more exciting than getting a new puppy?! While the cuteness may have put you in a hypnotic state, reality will slap you with many questions on how to raise a puppy. 

The proper techniques for raising a puppy should begin the moment you take him home so that you can all live in harmony for years to come. 

It’s important to learn the best way to care for a new puppy to give them the best chance for a good, healthy life. 

Are you a new pet parent? You want to make sure you are providing your furry new family member with the best care. Keep reading to learn all the essentials of new puppy care. 

Puppy Proofing 

Just as you would babyproof your home, you need to puppy proof it as well. Puppies’ natural curiosity will get the best of them when exploring their new territory. There’s always the concern that they’ll get into something that may have dangerous consequences. 

Use a crate or a pen or fence off one part of the home for the puppy’s home base. Some people feel that it’s cruel, but this space becomes their safe haven. 

When your puppy is roaming around the house, make sure electrical items and cords are out of reach. Chemicals and toxins should be put up. Remove poisonous plants or put them up high. Keep trash cans in a cupboard because they like to explore what’s in your trash can. 

Puppy Supplies

Before you pick up your new puppy, get all the necessary supplies. You’ll need a collar, ID tags, harness, leash, toys, food and water bowls, puppy food, toys, and a crate or pen.  

Choose quality food without fillers. You want to give them a diet with balanced nutrition to prevent potty issues. When caring for a puppy, you’ll find that their gut health is very important. Learn more about prebiotics for dogs for a balanced microbiome. 

Find a Vet 

When you’re on the hunt for a puppy, look at your options for a veterinarian in your area. Get recommendations from friends and neighbors. Visit websites. Look at reviews. 

Set up an appointment for an initial visit. Puppies have a shot schedule so it’s important to have a vet in place. Also, find the nearest emergency animal hospital in the event you need one. 

Where Will Your Puppy Sleep? 

Decide where your puppy will sleep keeping in mind that what you do in the beginning will dictate the future. When you bring your puppy home, you will work on housebreaking. The puppy will learn best if he sleeps in a crate. Put the crate near you so he doesn’t get lonely. 

Be consistent with your sleeping policy so the puppy learns that’s how it’s going to be. 

Housebreaking Your Puppy

This is your most important task for a lifetime of happiness with your puppy. When they are puppies, they need to urinate frequently. Learn to recognize the signs that your dog has to go. Start with taking them out every thirty minutes. Work up to every two hours. 

As a general rule, they’ll have to go after sleeping, eating, and playing. Be consistent and take them out the same door and eventually they will tell you when they have to go out. 

How To Address Barking

If you live in an apartment or have close neighbors, it’s important to stop barking before it becomes incessant. Do not reward your dog for barking. If you yell at them, that’s giving them attention. Try to ignore it. 

If the barking continues, try to distract them with a toy. When they pick up the toy, they’ll be unable to bark. Pretty soon, they’ll learn to grab a toy rather than bark. 


Puppies have a natural need to chew. Your job is to make sure they chew the right things. This is where chew toys come in. Provide them with plenty to chew while also keeping your things out of reach. 

Don’t leave shoes, socks, books, etc hanging around where your puppy can get them. This is the time to keep your home in order to keep your belongings how you want them and your puppy safe. 

Proper Training

Training should start right away. You want to introduce the rules when they’re young so they learn quickly. It’ll take consistent effort on your part. Don’t let their cuteness sway you from being stern. 

A well-mannered puppy will turn into a mature dog you’ll be able to enjoy taking places and living with at home. You’ll have a stronger bond with an obedient dog. 

Teach commands like sit, stay, and come. Teach them to obey you when you call their name or tell them to stop. Teach how to walk on a leash without pulling. Show them that you are the pack leader.


Taking a puppy away from its mom and littermates is a difficult experience. Be sure to give your new pup lots of love and care and help him to adjust to the new surroundings. 

When your dog feels comfortable with you and your family, it’s time to introduce him to new things and people. Bring him around other adults and children and frequent visitors to your home. Instruct people to let the dog come to them and sniff their hand first. 

New Puppy Care

Now that you know the essentials of new puppy care, you’re ready to bring your new four-legged friend home and give him the love and care he needs. While it’s a fun and exciting time, it can also be exhausting and stressful. Try not to get to the point of feeling overwhelmed. Any new puppy guide encourages pet parents to be consistent, calm, and assertive. You’ll get through the learning process and emerge as the pack leader! 

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