People spend an average of around $8,927 when decorating their homes.

If you’re going to spend money on your home decor, you want it to look good. This can include things like color choices, furniture, or just small accessories. Knowing what modern home trends are popular can help you design the perfect home.

For a rundown of some of the best home trends in 2022, keep reading.

Color Schemes

Home color trends are among the most important trends to consider. The colors you chose will be one of the first things people notice in your home, and they have a huge effect on the overall look and feel.

In the coming year, we’ll be seeing more bold, saturated colors in homes. You can use these to make certain features pop or stand out. Combining them with more subtle tones can balance things nicely so your home doesn’t look too over the top.

Natural Materials

Natural materials and textures have become very popular among trending home decor. They give a calming, neutral feel, and work especially well for accessories. They provide a kind of ‘sensory calm’, making your home feel more connected to nature.

Things like house plants (fake or real) are a common choice, and many people are even moving towards earthy tones for their walls. These decor choices can have even more of an impact in urban environments where greenery is less common outside.

Sculptural Vases

Sometimes small things can make a big difference. Vases and vessels can add a little extra character to any room. Use them to showcase a range of styles and add color to a space.

You can place these almost anywhere – a display cabinet, shelving unit, or rustic side table all work well. If you’re creative you can even make and display your own vases around your home.

Multifunctional Designs

Some new home trends are based on more than just appearances. In some homes (especially small ones) people will make design choices for more functional purposes. Something that has become very popular is multifunctional designs.

This is about having one element that serves multiple purposes. An example of this could be adding shelves around a mirror to make better use of the wall space. Mirrors themselves are also ideal for this in small homes as they will reflect more light and make rooms feel bigger.

3D Art

Art has always been popular in homes in a range of formats. In 2022 we’re seeing a lot more 3D art, stepping away from more traditional pieces.

This is one of the more ‘out there’ home design trends, making a bold statement in any room. 3D art will add a new dynamic to flat walls, being far more eye-catching. There are plenty of different ways you can add 3D art to your home to make things more interesting.

Best Home Trends

Home trends change all the time, but keeping up with these changes can help give your home a modern touch. Just remember that you’re the one living there, so any design choices should come down to your own personal preference.

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