Over 44 million households rent instead of own. There are a lot of advantages of renting. You don’t have to pay a mortgage, you have the flexibility to move, and you don’t have to pay for major repairs and maintenance.

Moving into your first apartment is exciting and overwhelming at the same time. You have the freedom that you might not have had before. There are also a ton of things you need to take care of before and after you move in.

We’re about to take the overwhelm out of the equation for you. Read this checklist of apartment essentials.

1. Application Documents

The apartment rental market is incredibly competitive right now. Inventory is low and demand is high. It’s too expensive for many people to buy a home, so they’re hitting the rental market, too.

The best chance you have to score a great apartment is to show up prepared. Property managers want to see recent pay stubs or bank account statements that show your income.

They also want to see your job history and references. These get listed on the application.

Bring your checkbook to pay an application fee. This is generally between $20 and $50. This is to cover a credit check and background check. In addition, If you do your research and choose a reputable online background check site, to run a background check on yourself, it can be a helpful way to identify any potential red flags that might come up during the application process.

2. Lease and Deposit

You’ll get offered the apartment if you’re the lucky one who meets the landlord’s requirements.

You’ll need to review and sign the lease. Read this carefully. Leases tell you if you can have pets, sublet the apartment, have roommates, and your maintenance responsibilities.

The deposit is usually equal to the monthly rent. You may pay the deposit and first month’s rent simultaneously or pay just the deposit to secure the apartment.

3. Insurance and Utilities

The next steps are to secure the renter’s insurance and set up utilities. Check with your landlord or property manager as to who the service providers are.

Most leases ask tenants to pay for electricity, gas, and cable. Landlords may cover water and garbage, but not always.

4. Furniture

The fun part really begins on move-in day. You can move into your first apartment with existing furniture or you can buy new.

You’ll need to get a couch, bed, and dining room furniture.

You don’t want to hang your TV on the wall because you could damage the wall. Look for TV lift cabinets that fit your space.

5. Art


With the right piece of art, like framed wall art,  you can add color, texture, and personal style to your living space. Wall art also has the power to brighten up a room and create a focal point. Whether you opt for a large statement piece or a gallery wall filled with smaller prints, the possibilities are endless. Not only does wall art serve a decorative purpose, but it can also reflect your personal interests and tastes. Buying canvas prints from an online store is a simple and cost-effective way to make the space feel more like your own. Adding wall art to your first apartment is a simple and cost-effective way to make the space feel more like your own

6. Kitchen Goodies

You’ll need to cook and eat in your new apartment. Get quality cookware, such as pots and pans for your home.

Plates, glasses, and utensils are among the apartment essentials you’ll need to pick up as well.

Move Into Your First Apartment

Are you ready to move into your first apartment? With this apartment checklist, you’re prepared to impress property managers and land a killer apartment.

You’re also armed with a list of things you need to do and get once you move in. You’ll enjoy your first apartment like no other living space.

For more helpful tips to spruce up your home, check out the other articles on the blog.

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