At least 84% of Americans know they should drink more water. Important factors when deciding what to drink include taste, safety, convenience, and low calories.

The tap may be the easiest place to get water, but it’s not always the best. 60 million Americans don’t use it, and 2 million don’t have access to clean water at all.

Choosing purified water is the best way to avoid the health issues the tap can cause while still getting enough hydration. Read on to learn why it could be one of the most important lifestyle changes you ever make.


Food and water are 2 of the most important components of healthy living, and they’re more connected than you may realize.

Water is necessary during meals because it breaks down food and extracts nutrients. It also helps prevent issues such as stomachaches, heartburn, constipation, and bloating. 

Purified water is even better at providing these benefits because it has a regulated pH level. This reduces the level of acid in the body and prevents acid reflux.

Muscles, Joints, and Activity Level 

Your muscles are 79% water, and the bones are 31%. Keeping them hydrated prevents cramps and injuries. It also protects the synovial fluid that keeps your joints lubricated. 

Keeping your muscles and joints working also encourages a healthy lifestyle with plenty of exercise. You’ll also be replenished after a workout by getting electrolytes without choosing a calorie-loaded sports drink.


Your kidneys are also 79% water. They’re the body’s detoxification station that removes lactic acid and other unnecessary elements.

Drinking tap water makes your kidneys work harder because of the toxins it contains. This isn’t the case with purified water because it’s free of all contaminants.

Skin and Hair

Drinking purified water also has cosmetic health benefits. Your skin is 69% water, and proper hydration keeps it looking young.

Your hair also relies on a steady supply of clean water. Dehydration makes it brittle, and excessive chlorine can cause it to fall out. Purified water improves its circulation and helps it maintain moisture.

Weight Loss

Purified water can help you resist unnecessary calories. It suppresses your appetite to keep you from eating when you don’t need to. It’s also a fitting replacement for sugary sodas.

Water also improves your metabolism to help your body work off the calories you take in. These effects, along with the other health improvements of purified water, make it much easier to lose weight.

If you don’t already know where to find purified water, start searching for “water purification systems near me.” Your body will thank you.

Tips for More Lifestyle Changes 

A few small lifestyle changes can have a major impact on your health, and one of the most important is what you drink. Going to the tap may be easy, but it presents the risk of ingesting dangerous chemicals and contaminants.

Purified water is a cleaner alternative. It aids digestion, makes your bones and muscles work better, gives you better workouts, improves kidney function, helps you lose weight, and even improves the look of your skin and hair.

Read the rest of our content for more tips on what to eat, drink, and do for better health.

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