Emerging in the aftermath of World War 1, Art Deco flourished in the 1920s and 1930s. It became the epitome of modernity and progress, drawing inspiration from various artistic movements including constructivism and futurism. 

Characterised by streamlined forms, geometric shapes and luxurious embellishments, Art Deco captured the exuberance of the Roaring Twenties while reflecting the era’s fascination with technological advancement and social change. In recent years, this trend has made a comeback as it has once again captivated designers and homeowners with its glamorous charm. 

Elements of Art Deco Revival 

The resurgence of Art Deco in contemporary interior design is marked by a renewed appreciation for its distinctive elements. Geometric patterns have taken centre stage by adorning walls, floors and furnishings with angular motifs and repeating shapes. Geometric designs such as chevron patterns and sunbursts, infuse spaces with dynamism and visual interest. 

Luxurious materials play a key role in capturing the glamour of Art Deco. Rich woods like mahogany, gleaming metals like brass and elegant fabrics such as velvet evokes a sense of sophistication. Mirrored surfaces are also a fantastic way to add a touch of glamour. By reflecting light, you can create a sense of spaciousness. 

Bold colours are a big part of Art Deco too. From jewel tones like emerald green, ruby red and sapphire blue to neutrals like black, white and gold; these colours create a striking contrast. 

Eye-catching Wallpaper 

Art Deco wallpaper patterns range from bold geometric prints to elegant botanical motifs that add personality and style to your home. By using geometric designs, such as chevrons and hexagons, you can create a sense of movement and rhythm, while floral patterns infuse spaces with a sense of timeless elegance. 

You could consider using metallic accents and embossed textures to add more depth and dimension to your wallpaper designs. 

Flashy Flooring 

When it comes to floors, Art Deco homes typically feature sleek and sophisticated options such as marble, terrazzo or solid wood flooring.  

Parquet flooring is a popular choice too as it adds visual interest and texture to rooms. Marble flooring is favoured for creating a sense of grandeur with its luxurious appearance. Terrazzo complements Art Deco interiors with its versatility and speckled appearance.  

Art Deco Furnishings 

Defined by sleek lines and geometric shapes, Art Deco furniture adds a touch of sophistication to contemporary interiors with an emphasis on elegance and functionality. 

Chairs and sofas typically feature angular silhouettes and plush upholstery, while tables and cabinets display more intricate marquetry and lacquered finishes.  

You can take it a step further by including sculptural elements and decorative details such as inlays and motifs to enhance the allure of Art Deco furniture.  

Captivating Decorations 

From statement-making wall art and sculptures to decorative objects and accessories, every element contributes to the aesthetic and glamour of Art Deco. 

Consider using mirrors with geometric frames, crystal chandeliers and ornate vases to add a touch of flair to your home. These decorative accents not only enhance the visual appeal of a space, but they also reflect the style’s commitment to luxury and refinement. 

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