Congratulations, you have a wee-little bundle of joy: a new puppy! Your puppy will make friends with your cat, knock over your plants, and probably destroy several pairs of your shoes.

Before your toddler was potty trained, you probably took a lot of time to decide what and who to teach the basics of using the washroom to. When potty training your puppy, there are things you may not know before taking your precious bundle of fur home.

Puppy potty training can seem like a mystery of its own, but, with a safe and happy puppy, before you know it, your training will pay off.

Set a Regular Schedule

The most important part of successfully potty housetraining is to set a regular schedule. Puppies have small bladders and need to go frequently. By setting a regular schedule, you can help your puppy learn.

Feed your puppy at the same time each day and take it outside to go potty afterward. You can install fake grass as they are also easy to clean. Take your puppy out every few hours to give it a chance to relieve itself.

Take Your Puppy Outside Often

By establishing a regular routine of taking your puppy outside first thing in the morning, after meals and naps, and before bedtime, you’ll set your puppy training up for success.

When you take your puppy out on a regular basis, they’ll learn that this is the time to go to the bathroom.

Reward Your Puppy for Good Behavior

One of the most important keys to successful puppy potty training is to reward your puppy for good behavior. Whenever your puppy goes potty in the appropriate place, be sure to use positive reinforcement.

You may even want to give your puppy a small treat as a reward. Puppies are very quick to learn when they are being rewarded for good behavior, so be sure to make a big deal out of it every time your puppy does something right.

Be Patient and Consistent

One of the most important things to remember in how to train a dog is to be patient and consistent. It is also important to be consistent with the location where you take them to go potty.

Taking them to the same spot every time will help them to learn where it is that they should go. Finally, remember to be patient with your puppy and give them plenty of time to learn. Eventually, they will get it!

Proper Nutrition and Crate Training

Puppy potty training generally starts with two things: crate training and proper nutrition. Dogs have a natural instinct to avoid soiling in their sleeping and eating areas, so crate training gives them a designated space to “go” in.

Proper nutrition is important because it helps regulate a puppy’s digestion and prevents stool accidents.

The Key to Successful Puppy Potty Training

If you are successful in puppy potty training, it will be a great addition to your family. Your puppy will be able to stay with you for a longer period of time and will be less likely to have accidents in the house.

You will also be able to take your puppy out in public places without having to worry about him or her having an accident.

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