Do you remember the last time you had your roof replaced? Bad roof installation is one of the most common home improvement mistakes homeowners can make. The exterior of your house probably looks great because it was installed to look good and not because it was installed to last.

Installing a new roof is a big job and encompassing project. It is something that both you and a roofing contractor have to agree to that gets done right the first time. With so many details involved in a roof installation, something can easily be missed when the work gets done.

Here are three common warning signs of poor installation practices.

1. Water Leakage

Water leakage is a severe warning sign of a bad roof installation. When water starts to infiltrate the roof and leak through into the interior of the building, it is a strong indication that the roof was not installed properly.

An improperly installed roof can result in costly damage, repairs, and replacements, whether it is a poor choice of roof materials, inadequate sealing, or a lack of attention to detail during installation. Signs of water leakage include pooled water on the roof, dark spots around ceiling fixtures, cracked paint on the interior walls, peeling wallpaper, and buckled floorboards.

It is important to quickly mitigate any signs of water leakage from a bad roof installation to prevent further damage to the building. If you are experiencing any of these signs, contact an expert like Georgia Roof Advisors roofing company immediately.

2. Damaged or Missing Shingles

Missing or damaged shingles are a clear warning sign of a bad roof installation. Not only can the missing shingles cause water leaks and damage the roof, but they can also give pests easy access to the home structure.

The missing or damaged shingles create vulnerable points in the shingle surface that can also get damaged further due to unexpected strong winds or hail. Another warning sign is if the granules of the shingles, which protect them from UV rays, have all been lost.

This leaves the asphalt in direct contact with the sun’s rays, which can cause premature roof deterioration. Finally, an uneven shingle pattern is another warning sign of a bad roof installation, as this could indicate poor nailing or that the shingles were not properly aligned and secured during installation.

3. Lack of Uniformity

When it comes to roof installation, uniformity is key. Without uniform lines, flashing, edge termination, and coverage, water leakage or other issues are potentially dangerous. A warning sign of a bad roof installation is a lack of uniformity.

This could include differing shingle spacing, seams running in the wrong direction, warping, or voids in areas. It could also include mismatched or overlapping shingles or even lines that are off from one another after installation.

Without uniformity in roof installation, the job can look unprofessional and be more costly in the long run. Knowing the signs of a bad roof installation, like a lack of uniformity, can help catch and prevent avoidable issues before they become a costly problem.

Explore the Signs of Bad Roof Installation

The warning signs of a bad roof installation can be hard to spot and can end up having devastating results. Always ensure that any potential roof installations are inspected by a professional to ensure that they will last for years to come.

Do your diligence now to ensure a safe and sound new roofing in the future. Contact your local roofers for a conclusive roof inspection today.

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