According to the American Pet Products Association, 69 million households in the U.S. have a dog. If you’re one of the millions of American homes with a pup, you might enjoy traveling with your dog.

This guide will discuss some of the most important pet travel accessories you should have. Continue reading to learn more. 

1. A Collapsible Water Bowl

When traveling with your dog, you’ll need an easy-to-carry water bowl. While metal bowls are great for your home, they aren’t easy to store when you’re on the road. 

A collapsible bowl can be placed inside your backpack and taken out any time your pup needs a drink of water. You should also pack plenty of water while traveling. You and your dog need to stay hydrated. 

2. A Car Barrier for Your Dog

One of the best pet travel accessories is a car barrier. This is a must when going on road trips with your dog. A car barrier will ensure you’re safe while on the road. 

The barrier will keep your dog from lunging forward while sitting in the backseat of your car. You want to avoid your dog jumping into the passenger seat, scaring you, and causing an accident.

3. The Right Harness and Leash 

While the car barrier will prevent your dog from pushing into the passenger seat, you’ll need a seatbelt harness to keep them strapped safely in the backseat. This is one of the most vital pet accessories for long car rides. 

You’ll also need a quality harness and leash to keep your dog by your side as you explore new places. Opinions on the right type of leash vary, but most pet experts suggest avoiding retractable leashes that encourage pulling. 

You’ll need to weigh your dog and measure its length and chest to find the rightsized harness. This link will help you find the perfect one. 

4. Some of Their Favorite Treats

When traveling with your pet, you want to make sure they’re as comfortable as possible. Some dogs love sticking their head out the window and feeling the fresh air on a car ride.

Other dogs get a little nervous during trips. Along with their food and water, you’ll need to pack some of your pup’s favorite treats. This can help calm their nerves and keep them distracted as you travel to your next destination. 

5. A Life Jacket 

A life jacket is one of the most important dog accessories you’ll need if you plan on swimming with your pet. Your pup will love spending some time at the dog beach or lake, but your priority should be keeping them safe. 

Find a life jacket in your dog’s size before heading on your beach vacation. 

Pet Travel Accessories You Need for Your Furry Friend 

You’ll need to buy the pet travel accessories in this guide before taking a trip with your pup. Finding a harness that fits is most important. 

Check out some of our other pet blogs for more pet travel tips. 

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