Did you know that one study estimated that dampness and mold are problems in almost 50% of U.S. residential buildings? Moisture and mold are common household problems, but that doesn’t mean we should take them lightly. Because mold can spread fast, with or without a leak or flood, it’s important to keep the problem under control!

That’s where mold specialists can help. These pros are experts at testing for and getting rid of persistent mold. Whether you’re not sure if you have a mold problem or you’re ready to get rid of your home’s airborne spores, contacting a pro is always the right call.

If you’re on the fence about mold testing and remediation, here are six benefits you’ll want to keep in mind.

1. You’ll Know When There’s a Problem

Mold can be tricky to spot. Unless you’re lucky enough to have a visible dark patch under your kitchen or bathroom sink, you may not know when you have an infestation.

Musty smells, allergy or asthma flare-ups, warping walls, and black spots on your AC filter are all common warning signs that you need a professional mold assessment. However, a professional can help you get clear answers without the guesswork.

Certified mold removal experts will do a visual inspection of common troublesome areas in your home. They can also test surfaces or the air itself for spores. If their samples show signs of mold growth, you’ll know without a doubt that there’s mold in your home.

Same day mold testing can even give you answers within 24 hours.

2. You Won’t Have to Do It Yourself

At first, dealing with a mold problem may sound like a no-brainer. After all, can’t you just scrub the dark spots away from the area?

The truth is a little trickier than that. Mold infestations can be difficult to remove on your own, and it’s easy to spread spores around by accident. If you’re dealing with serious remediation after a flood event, mold treatment can become even more difficult.

Because mold presents a serious health threat, you’ll also need to limit your exposure to the spores. The right protective gear can help you keep your skin and lungs safe as you work, but not all homeowners have these tools on hand. Worse, the work is often dirty and time-consuming, and it can be difficult to crawl into and scrub the small areas where mold likes to hide.

Professional mold removal services can help with all of this. These experts will come with the right safety equipment for their personal protection. They’ll tackle the time-consuming task of removing your mold, no matter how far it’s crept into your home.

3. You’ll Get the Right Equipment

As mentioned above, mold specialists will arrive with all the protective equipment they need, from respirators to safety glasses.

Beyond this, they’ll also have the right removal solutions. Homeowners can create their own mold removal solution at home with things like vinegar, bleach, or ammonia. However, these mold treatment options aren’t always as effective as the cleaners professionals use.

Experienced pros will also consider your home’s ventilation. They may bring window fans when necessary to circulate air as they work.

Other necessary tools may include a shop vacuum, plastic sheeting, pump sprayers to spread cleaning solutions, and more. If you don’t have these tools, talk to a pro!

4. You’ll Get Thorough Mold Removal

With thorough mold testing and removal, you can be sure every last bit of mold will be gone from your home.

Expert mold specialists will clean mold from your walls and floors. They’ll also remove and clean carpets, furniture, and upholstery. They can even help get mold out of small, cramped areas, such as attics, ducts, and cabinets.

Professionals used to tackling this work will often have efficient methods to ensure complete mold removal. Tried-and-tested strategies, thorough checklists, and other solutions help them move in a quick and efficient manner. You might be surprised at how much faster they get the job done than you could on your own!

5. Mold Specialists Can Prevent Future Growth

One major problem with DIY mold remediation is that it’s easy to spread mold. Airborne spores can spread throughout your home, and you may release more of them into the air with the wrong cleaning attempts.

If you’re worried about mold spreading through your home, work with a pro! One benefit of professional cleaning is that experts know how to remove mold in a way that prevents any future growth.

Even better, they can give you prevention tips to keep mold from returning. These tips may include addressing leaks, humidity issues, and other moisture problems. They may also recommend fixing specific ventilation issues to keep mold from growing back.

6. Your Home’s Air Quality Will Improve

Don’t underestimate the effects of mold on your household. Mold may seem like a minor nuisance, but it can wreak havoc on your health. This is due to the airborne spores mold releases as it grows.

Coughing, sneezing, and irritation around the eyes, nose, and throat are common complaints in a mold-infested home. These reactions can make it tough to breathe and can often affect your sleep. In severe cases, memory loss and mental confusion may occur.

Worse, people who have allergies, asthma, or other respiratory conditions may be at risk for serious health complications. Infections are likely in immune-compromised people.

The biggest benefit of contacting a mold specialist is that you’ll protect your family’s health. Once the mold is gone and the air quality improves, you and your household will breathe easier.

Work With Experienced Mold Specialists

Given the benefits we’ve listed above, it should come as no surprise that mold specialists are great at getting rid of stubborn mold! With their experience, knowledge, and tools, these pros can help you clear away mold and prevent its return better than you could alone. If you’re dealing with mold issues on your property, consider contacting a pro to take advantage of these benefits.

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