A 2022 survey revealed U.S. homeowners’ top must-have outdoor feature: A large backyard. Indeed, almost 7 in 10 said they couldn’t live without it. By contrast, only 1 in 4 said the same about pools.

So if you’re a proud owner of a home with adequate outdoor space, you should spend more time in it. Creating and maintaining an aesthetic backyard can motivate you to do just that.

Below, we’ve discussed the top ways to transform your yard into a paradise, so read on.

De-Clutter First

Whether you plan to do an outdoor remodel or a simple renovation, the first step is to de-clutter your yard.

De-cluttering, after all, means removing mess and organizing material possessions. It’s like having a fresh canvas; it allows you to imagine your landscape and patio theme better. It also affords you a clearer mental picture of what your space may look like with backyard décor.

You may even be lucky to discover materials you can repurpose, such as stones and bricks.

Horizontal and Vertical Gardens

A yard can’t be aesthetic without plants, so fill yours with perennials and annuals. And to maximize your outdoor space, consider both horizontal and vertical gardening. The latter can also be an ideal privacy screen along your yard’s perimeter.

Create a Private Waterfall

Waterfalls are eye-catching and stimulating, regardless of size, length, and strength. However, the sounds they make, according to scientists, can also improve positive affect. It’s the extent to which one experiences positive moods, such as joy, pleasure, and interest.

That’s enough reason to add a mini waterfall to your backyard paradise. You can build one using large stones that you may unearth while de-cluttering. Alternatively, you can hire a professional landscaper to create one for you.

A Comfy Space for All

Backyard deck and outdoor patio furniture sets provide stylish seating and dining space. They often come with soft cushions and pillows, giving the entire fam comfy spots to relax.

However, weather resistance, which you should base on your local climate, is just as vital as style.

All-weather rattan, teak, acacia, aluminum, and stainless steel are perfect options. High-quality resin-based furniture is also resistant to humidity, rain, and sunlight. And if sustainability is an integral feature for you, go with bamboo.

Energy-Efficient Lighting That Sets Moods

Mood lights allow you to enjoy your relaxing, comfy outdoor space, even at night.

Choose soft-toned lights to create a warm, inviting atmosphere. You can get them in various styles, such as lanterns, tabletops, string lights, and fairy lights.

Whichever style you choose, opt for LED, as they can be 75% more efficient than incandescent. They also last up to 25 times longer. Some even have solar-charged batteries, staying lit (without electricity) throughout the night.

Take Pride in Your Aesthetic Backyard

From de-cluttering to mood lights, these can help create a more aesthetic backyard. And once you achieve that, you’re sure to spend more time outdoors, which can be good for your health.

So, follow our tips as early as now, starting with de-cluttering. After that, you can think about your gardens, waterfalls, furnishings, and lighting.

For more home and gardening tips and tricks, browse our latest how-to guides!

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