Does it seem like cooking outdoors is too difficult in your very small yard? We beg to differ. The truth is, a small outdoor kitchen comes with a lot of unique benefits.

For instance, the price of any landscaping project is based largely on square footage. A smaller yard equals a cheaper project. As such, you can invest the money you save on high-quality outdoor kitchen accessories.

Still, you need to plan very carefully when designing an outdoor kitchen for small spaces. Fortunately, we can help with that.

Below, we list the best outdoor kitchen ideas for your small backyard. Make the most of your space and avoid costly mistakes by following these steps.

1. Take Measurements

Before anything else, take measurements in your backyard. Find out the total square footage first. 

Then, try to determine the best location. For this, consider what you can change and what you can’t.

That is, while you can’t change the parameters of your property, you can remove patios and pergolas. Of course, you also need to ask yourself whether such changes are worth the cost.

With all these factors considered, choose the best location for your outdoor kitchen. Then, take the relevant measurements of that location.

2. Reassess Your Gateway

Next, consider the measurements of your backyard access gateway. Is it a large sliding glass door or a tiny doorway?

Case in point, does your backyard have wide, easy access to your indoor kitchen? If so, you don’t need to add so many things to your outdoor kitchen. With this in mind, consider whether it’s better to alter your back door or your backyard.

3. Embrace Extravagance

Think that grill’s too expensive? Remember, your small yard saves you money on other aspects of this project, like outdoor flooring.

This should allow you to splurge on the essential outdoor kitchen accessories that are best for your needs. So, get whichever grill you need, not whichever’s cheapest. Focus mainly on durability and aesthetics.

4. Make Sure It’s All Weatherproof

As much as we hate to admit it, your space issues are actually inconvenient. It’s hard enough to plan an optimal, non-cramped layout for a small outdoor kitchen.

What’s worse is when you have to store the whole setup indoors so that it doesn’t deteriorate. Then, you have to lug all these appliances out and in again each time you grill outside.

Likewise, if your outdoor kitchen setup weathers too easily, you’ll have to replace it often. Make sure that everything in your outdoor kitchen is as weatherproof as possible.

5. Compact Outdoor Kitchen Accessories

Now, check out all the space-saving outdoor kitchen solutions at your disposal. Be sure you have enough storage space for ingredients and kitchen utensils (unless you have easy indoor/outdoor access). Also, look for one appliance that allows every cooking method you had in mind.

Try These Outdoor Kitchen Ideas

Don’t forget about this guide. Keep this page bookmarked for reference so you can try these outdoor kitchen ideas for yourself.

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