Like cars and homes, fences are a big purchase. And while they may not cost as much as your car or home, they are just as important; therefore, you should do your due diligence to find a fence and a wood fence company you are happy with.     

Think about the precautions you took when you were shopping for your home. Did you buy the first home you toured? Did you view other homes?  Chances are you explored different neighborhoods and toured several homes. How old is your house now? Are the floors lifting, bouncing, or separating? You probably took the time to ensure that the integrity of your house is not compromised and that all appliances are functioning as intended.

Unlike a house, you cannot evaluate the quality of your fence until it is built. Instead, you rely on a wood fence company, hoping that it will build a high-quality fence that meets your standards. To ensure you hire the best wood fence company, here are four qualities you should prioritize during your search.

1.   Licensing, Insurance, And Professional Associations

Before hiring a wood fence company near me, confirm whether it is licensed and insured. Your potential wood fence company should have a valid license, indicating that it operates legally in that region and meets industry standards. Your potential wood fence company should also be insured. Insurance protects you from financial loss if one or several workers get injured on the job; therefore, request proof of insurance to avoid potential liabilities.

Your potential wood fence company should also belong to a professional organization like the American Fence Association (AFA). This indicates that the company is a legitimate business that provides top-notch services and is committed to continuous learning.

2.   Several Years Of Experience

You want to hire a wood-fencing company with several years of experience in the fencing industry. Consider how long the company has been in business and how many wood fence installations they have completed. An experienced wood fence company has the skills to handle your unique design requirements. It also has the knowledge to address challenges that may arise during the installation process. Moreover, because they have been around for years, they are well-versed in fence installation requirements, ensuring that your fence is up to code. Also, it is important to note that an experienced company does not automatically translate to quality fences and services, you still need to consider other factors.

3.   High-Quality Materials And Good Workmanship

It is important to ensure the fencing company uses high-quality materials. You want a fence that will serve you for years. Therefore, ensure that your potential wood fence company uses the best wood for fencing, including pine, cedar, and redwood. Moreover, you want a wood-fencing company with good workmanship. Ensure your potential wood fence company does not cut corners, leaving out important steps during the installation process.

Ask the company about its cleanup policy. You do not want to hire a company that packs up and leaves after the job, leaving behind dirt and debris you must clean up. Instead, you want a company that cleans up after themselves, leaving your yard spotless. 

4.   Written Contracts Before The Project Begins

Before hiring a wood fence company near me, you want to ensure that it provides a written contract outlining the following aspects:

  • Total cost;
  • Payment schedule;
  • The type of work to be done;
  • Start date and estimated completion date; and
  • Specify whether the company is responsible for removing your old fence and cleaning up after the project.

If the company is legitimate, providing a contract should not be an issue; in fact, it should be standard practice. When signing a contract with a wood fence company, you must understand what you are signing.

Does the contract outline the scope of the project? Are the materials and services you are paying for specified in the contract? Does the company provide a specification sheet? Has the company set any expectations on your part? Once you sign a contract with a wood fence company, you have a document that holds the company accountable and assures you of a high-quality fence that meets your standards.

Hire The Best Wood Fence Company Near Me

Hiring the right wood fence company does not have to be difficult. By ensuring your potential wood fence company is licensed, insured, and belongs to a professional association; has several years of experience; uses high-quality materials; exercises good workmanship; and provides written contracts before the project begins, you can hire a company that will install your fence successfully, ensuring it serves you for years.

Remember, there is no rush when it comes to hiring a wood fence company. Take your time to compare different companies, price lists, and services. With the right company, you can spruce up your property and add to its visual appeal.

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