Did you know that roofs in the United States are mostly made from asphalt shingles which can last around 15-25 years, depending on the type of asphalt shingle? If you have a wooden roof, it could last as long as 30-40 years. 

Consider also that your roof could have already been in place for years before you moved into your home. If you are suffering from roof leaks at the moment, don’t ignore this problem. It could result in a whole host of issues later. 

Keep reading to find out what the dangers of ignoring a leaking roof are.

1. Slips and Falls

If your roof leaks overnight and you don’t realize that the floor is wet when you get up and start walking about in the morning, you could slip and break a leg or even hurt your head. This is even more important if you are in your 60s or 70s where even a minor slip or fall could result in a hip fracture and a long hospital stay. 

Don’t just put a bucket under a leaking roof and call it a day. Get it repaired asap.

2. Damage to Your Attic’s Insulation

Don’t have an attic? Then you can ignore this point. But lots of American homes have an attic underneath the roof and with a leaking roof, you could cause damage to the attic’s insulation, needing to rehaul the whole thing. 

This is another expense that you don’t want to add to your already stuffed household budget. 

3. Mold

Despite what people think, mold is much more dangerous than surmised. Mold spores can float around in the air and cause respiratory illnesses, particularly in children and immune-compromised folks. 

When you have a leaky roof, this moisture can seep into your walls, floors, and foundation, rotting everything away at the core. Do not ignore a leaky roof if you care about your family’s health. 

4. Electrical Hazard

Moisture from the leaky roof could get into your electrical structure. You could end up short-circuiting your electrical system or even getting a shock from it. If you notice that your electrical appliances or circuit have gotten water into it, then don’t touch a thing and call an electrician and leak repairs company asap.

5. Further Irreparable Damage to Your Roof

The problem with ignoring a leaky roof is that as time goes on, the structural integrity of your roof will become further damaged, and get to a point where you will have to replace it completely. If you catch a leaky roof when it’s still new, then you could get away with just repairing a portion of it. This could save you money in the long run.

Roof Leaks Aren’t Anyone’s Cup of Tea

No one wants to spend time thinking or dealing with roof leaks. But if you are already suffering from this problem, get it repaired asap, so it doesn’t get worse. 

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