Did you know that research subjects in a survey remember a unique name or detail from an introductory conversation? How is your conversation with your new home going? Have you introduced yourself to your new home yet?

Your home shouldn’t be just a neutral space to live in. It shouldn’t be all about functionality, either. You should showcase what you love and what you find beautiful, as well.

Keep reading for a few plant decoration ideas to get you going on how to decorate your new home.

1. Have Fun With Hives

This creative solution allows homeowners to make the most of their plants and even the smallest of spaces. Much like the hanging baskets that many people enjoy, hives are a way to dress up plants for living rooms, add texture to the environment, and make a statement in the new space.

With hives, you can turn your plants into fun shapes and even use them as a conversation piece. With vibrant colors and organic shapes, these hives will be sure to garner compliments.

2. Soften Partition Shelving

Soften partition shelving is a great way for new homeowners to add some decorative flair to their homes. Taking blank wall space and adding multiple shelves creates an eye-catching focal point and creates a place for personalization.

Shelves can be decorated with any combination of items, from plants to books and artwork, allowing homeowners to showcase their individual style. Making the shelves even more visually pleasing is best achieved with plant decoration. 

3. Create an Illusion

First, feature multiple types of plants in hanging floating shelves to create an illusion of added space. Second, consider a green wall as a backdrop for any room, as it brings a unique look and feels to any interior.

Third, use plants to draw attention to focal points in the home, such as windows and fireplaces. Fourth, create a living vertical garden with hanging containers for a one-of-a-kind installation.

Last, suspend plants above a sink or counter to create an organic feel in any kitchen or bathroom. Check out Phillips Interior Plants & Displays for more tips about creating illusions. 

4. Liven Up The Laundry Room

New homeowners often feel overwhelmed when it comes to decorating, especially when it comes to the laundry room. A hanging basket filled with green plants can add a cozy and natural look to the room.

A window sill with exotic and vibrant plants can be a great way of dressing up the space. Artificial succulents, plants in cheerful colors, and bamboo plants are great alternatives as well since they add texture and sophistication to the area.

Additionally, a terrarium featuring vibrant plants can also give the room a unique look.

5. Makeover Your TV Stand

They can add a statement piece like a fiddle leaf fig. This makes a bold statement while also providing much-needed greenery to any room.

Thirdly, they can make use of trailing plants like ivy. This adds movement and depth to the overall design. Fourth, they can make use of window boxes. These provide an interesting window display that can draw eyes away from the TV.

Lastly, they can opt for wall-mounted hanging planters. This adds vertical interest and transforms the space into something quite special. 

Choose The Best Plant Decoration Ideas

Overall, new homeowners should consider these top 5 plant decoration ideas to enhance their space. The right plants can add life and character and even improve the air quality throughout your home. Improve your space today with a few hardy houseplants!

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