Like any other mechanical system, your garage door is susceptible to wear and tear. Monitoring and maintaining its operation is essential to prevent problems from worsening.

Regular maintenance can help you catch minor issues before they become more extensive and expensive repairs. If you need clarification on the condition of your garage door, check out this list of top signs your garage door needs repair.

Your Door Isn’t Opening or Closing

If you notice that your garage door doesn’t close at all, only opens partway, or only opens manually, it could be a problem with your safety sensors. The sensor system is designed to prevent your garage door from closing on anything or anyone standing in front of it – and if it fails to function, that’s dangerous.

Check your sensors to make sure they’re clean and free from debris. If they’re dirty, the LED laser beam from the sensor will be obstructed by dirt.

Your Door Is Making Strange Noises

A brand-new or in-shape garage door should make a smooth sound as it opens and closes. However, if you hear squeaking, banging, scraping, or other strange sounds, your entry may have severe problems.

Noises like grinding, rattling, and clinking can be caused by your door’s coils and springs rubbing together. Lubricating the rings and springs can help to reduce these noises.

If the rubbing sound continues, you might call commercial garage door repair Austin or a trained garage door systems technician. These professionals can check for loose or broken springs and replace them if necessary.

Your Door Is Broken

Your garage door is a significant part of your home and helps protect you, your belongings, and your car from the elements. It’s easy to forget about its maintenance until it breaks.

If your door is broken, it’s time to call a professional garage door repair Austin company immediately don’t try to open it yourself unless you have the proper tools and experience.

If your garage door isn’t opening, it’s a sign that the springs are breaking. A broken spring can be dangerous and cause severe damage if it dies suddenly.

Your Door Is Leaking

Most garage doors have a seal at the bottom to keep rainwater, leaves, dirt, and critters out of your garage. Over time, however, these seals can break down and lose their effectiveness.

Fortunately, you can usually fix this by replacing the seal. These seals can be purchased at home improvement stores or garage door supply companies.

A new seal is a simple and relatively inexpensive way to stop the leak from happening again.

Another reason water leaks under your door is if the landscaping in your yard is graded to lower your garage than your driveway. This can cause water to collect in the bottom of your garage door and then spill over it, causing leakage and flooding.

Your Door Is Unbalanced

When your garage door isn’t balanced, it can strain the opener and other parts too much. This could result in costly repairs or even a complete door replacement.

To test if your door is unbalanced, close the door and remove the emergency release cord. Let it hang halfway, then pull it back to open the door fully.

Oversee your door from inside the garage to see if it moves slowly or hesitantly when it opens or closes. If you notice slow or hesitant movement, your entry may be out of balance and needs repair.

If you are still determining whether your door needs to be balanced, call a professional for help. They can decide if your springs need to be adjusted or replaced.

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