Laughter is still the best medicine – people love watching movies that can give them a good laugh or bring a warm smile to their faces. Entertaining videos are best made when you are out of your comfort zone – traveling to various places and experiencing different locations, cultures, languages, and food. 

We are sure you would have something hilarious to share with your audience.

If you search YouTube for funny videos, you will see a never-ending list of funny anecdotes and moments people experience while on vacation. You get to live the best of experiences and some extremely funny ones.

So why not share the humor and spread the smiles?

Why Video?

Video is one of the strongest forms of expression, where visuals entertain people more than text stories or animations.

Real experiences that are funny can bring about a burst of instant laughter. It will attract more people to your platform as they will follow you for more videos that can make their day.

Here we will discuss how you can make short funny videos:

5 Ways To Create Short Hilarious Videos For Your Audience

Here we will discuss some funniest vacation videos that have entertained the world and been shared multiple times. Get inspired and create such funny videos when traveling to different countries.

Learn From The Champions

Before you create your funny video, don’t forget to scrutinize the web, especially YouTube Shorts and Instagram/Facebook reels, for the viral travel videos that are making the world laugh. 

If you check your phone, you will realize that the maximum number of videos that are shared with you every day are mostly funny ones.

So, take inspiration from the leading video makers, get ideas, pen them down, gather the right equipment, get the best online movie editor, and start filming.

You must also remember that the funniest incidents are mostly unplanned and random. So, keep your camera on to capture instant and candid moments, which later can become the talk of the town.

Capture Funny Language Barrier Videos

Language barrier videos, where the locals misinterpret your communication and offer a hilarious solution.

Take the example of ‘Jessie Festa, Jessie on a Journey, who has beautifully captured how saying the wrong sentence made the entire journey in a cab so entertaining for everyone.

A random video, where one wrong word or a word that has a different meaning in the other language, can have the local people in splits.

Post Humor in Hysteria

Search for ‘Crazy Couchsurfing Experiences,’ where the YouTuber has posted hysterical experiences.

She has posted short travel videos on horror moments and other crazy moments, which are a super hit among her viewers, who are increasing each day because of her consistency in posting such videos. 

Find Humor at Bleak Times

All experiences aren’t beautiful, especially when you travel to different countries – you may have gone through extremely uncomfortable, boring, or dangerous times.

Why not convert such incidents into comedy and present such videos to the world?

Take ‘Daniela from Grumpy Camel’ as an example of how beautifully she depicted her bad experience while vacationing with her family. Such examples bring out the best in comedy videos.

Funny Stories at The Unavoidable Beach and Zoo Trips

Every beach trip to a beautiful coastal area will have something mirthful about it. 

Capture the amusing scene and post it for your followers on digital channels, just like how ‘Lindsey from Have Clothes, Will Travel’ does.

You can also use animal humor!

Had a funny animal experience? Share it, and the comical experience will have the audience sidesplitting. People traveling to various countries love the interaction with the local animals too.

People visiting Australia love posing with the Kangaroos, or they love sharing a moment with the roadside monkeys when visiting Indonesia or different parts of India. There could be a funny moment where the animals behave awkwardly, and you have it captured on your camera.

Share it, and keep the people in awe, who love seeing animals do different things to people, just like how Matěj from Czech the World does.

Some Tips to Follow Before You Post Funny Travel Videos

Follow these simple tips to make your funny travel videos go viral!

Don’t Overdo It

Humor comes naturally. Anything overdone will not impress the viewer.

Laughter generally emerges from instant and subtle moments and expressions. Avoid exaggerations, over-emphasis on emotions, and artificial comedy setups, and capture the right moment.

Create and Edit Your Video Creatively

Short comedies should be fast-paced, and you must keep up with the video’s momentum while editing using an effective online movie editor. There are many tricks to maintaining tempo, many of which come from editing. 

Here are some key considerations when editing your funny vacation videos.

  • Edit the funny video length to a maximum of 1 minute. If your video is long, try trimming or editing unnecessary scenes to keep your audience entertained.
  • Cut out the scenes that aren’t required and try to conclude the video with shorts and scenes with an action or gesture.
  • Crop any blurs, blunders, or accidents and create a smoother, more interesting final product.
  • You can add text, graphics, transitions, or animations just for an added effect, but don’t overdo it
  • You must add a happy rhythm or a funny background score to add emotion to your funny video – at times, it’s just the right tempo and perfect collaboration of music and video that makes people laugh

Share Your Videos on Multiple Platforms

After editing your video, get a second opinion by showing it to your family or friends. If it’s a hit among your loved ones (who will also give you honest feedback if it isn’t), then go ahead and make the world laugh by sharing it on various digital platforms.

You can upload your video on YouTube shorts, Instagram reels, Facebook reels, or TikTok to maximize responses and shares. If everything goes well, and you see how everyone loves your video, you can even make a career out of creating funny videos when traveling to various destinations.


Short and funny videos are sure to make anyone laugh. If you have put in a genuine effort, loads of creativity, and editing skills, your videos will definitely become viral and a massive hit among video lovers.

From crazy vacation moments to bizarre language barriers, you can create a long list of funny videos on a traveling spree with family and friends, or best when traveling solo.

So, make your funny videos now, and have them listed among the top listers, which are shared and circulated widely just for a crazy laugh!

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