If you want to build a house in London and most other places in the UK, you do not start the construction process without first having acquired planning approval from your local authority. Of course, you may be eager to move on with things and have your contractor start the work. You will understandably want to see your building taking shape, and see your dream home or business premises in real life. However, it is vital to ensure you have your building regulations approvals right first.

What is building regulations approval?

The building regulations process entails the assessment and approval of your building project’s technical design and seeks to make sure it complies with the regulations in place. This process follows the granting of planning permission, and for this reason, it is at times referred to as the “second hurdle” Perhaps you wonder why you must obtain separate building regulations approval after planning permission has been approved already. Well, it is an important legal requirement that you have to observe to ensure everything is safe as you carry out specific kinds of building projects.

What is the importance of building regulations approval?

Besides being a legal requirement that imposes consequences for violations, building regulations approval is crucial because it takes care of the safety and well-being of the property occupants or users.  This is because the regulations not only govern the building’s structural integrity, but also other things such as energy efficiency, fire safety and even sustainability. Thus, they have environmental benefits in the long term besides looking at the present issues surrounding the property.

What is the process of getting building regulations approval?

To obtain building regulations approval, you need to submit a formal application to the building control body. In the application, you need to have the following:

·        Technical drawings for the project with necessary specifications

·        Engineer’s structural design alongside calculations

·        Any relevant supporting design work

Why hire a professional to process your building regulations approval?

As a project owner, be it an improvement or modification to an existing property or executing a self-build project, you have to ensure your project adheres to UK legislation on building regulations. The best way to comply with the law as you construct your property or carry out structural adjustments on an existing one would be to work with experts in building regulations design, such as Humphreysandsons.

Some of the benefits of hiring professionals as you process your building regulations approval, instead of using a draft technician or a designer whose focus and knowledge is really only on artistic concepts and obtaining planning permission, include:

·        Getting excellent designs to avoid inefficiencies and unnecessary costs

·        Avoiding delays in implementing the project translating into extra costs and other issues

·        Ensuring a high-quality final product that fetches great value in the market

·        Getting the advantage of the experts’ skills and experience in many areas and not just design for getting building regulations approval


It is vital to seek building regulations approval as it is a legal requirement when implementing some building projects. Failure to obtain the necessary approval before the commencement of the works could result in enforcement actions from the authorities. You could be forced to take down the building, face several charges and be compelled to pay hefty fines. Hiring an expert to help you with the process can save you from any such issues and allow you to enjoy many other benefits of your project

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