There are many factors that may affect the mental health of individuals living in this day and age. From the hustle and bustle of daily living to the pressure to maintain a level of success; many people are under severe mental pressure.

This why there is a greater need for outlets to let off steam and regain equilibrium. One of the ways of achieving this is through therapy. In this article, we will discuss an aspect of therapy which is Cognitive Behavioural Therapy. We will help you understand what it means, why you may need it and the benefits thereof. Meanwhile you can read this article for tips on how to function without pressure in a busy world.

What is Cognitive Behavioural Therapy?

Cognitive behavioural therapy or CBT for short is a ‘talk’ therapy where a person works with a mental health professional or counsellor to deal with a mental health issue. This treatment involves the patient attending a number of sessions where they talk things over with the therapist or counsellor.

This process is meant to help the patient examine their thought processes in order to change their behaviour. It is effective for conditions such as depression, alcohol and drug abuse, anxiety disorder, eating disorders, marital issues, and different forms of mental illnesses. Research has shown that this treatment can help improve the quality of life of patients. Some even go as far as saying that it is the most effective form of therapy for psychological issues; even better than medication.

There are a number of core principles that CBT is founded on, and they include the following: –

  1. A belief that psychological issues emanate from faulty and unhealthy thinking processes
  2. A belief that patients of physiological ailments can learn to cope with their conditions for improved quality of life.
  3. A belief that the problems come from patterns of unhealthy habits that the patient have learnt.

Importance and Benefits of CBT

Cognitive behavioural therapy is important for many reasons and has many benefits. These benefits include the following:

Imparts Hope in Patients

Mental illness takes a toll on its sufferers and oftentimes leaves them feeling forlorn and hopeless. They most probably would wonder how they would function given their condition and when if ever they will be free from the effects.

However, with this therapy, they get to see that their thought processes are incorrect because most times what we fear most are things that may never get to happen. The counsellor’s assignment is to help the patient challenge their thoughts and when this happens, they open up to new possibilities.

With a clearer thought process, patients can have hope about the future and an improved quality of life.

Helps Patients Develop Self Esteem

A respectable number of mental health conditions can often be traced to low self-esteem.  When people have low sense of self-worth, it feeds into the negative thought processes that make them behave the way they do which oftentimes is self-sabotaging. Visit this site  for more information on self-sabotaging behaviours.

However, CBT helps to break the cycle of negativity and help them develop a higher sense of self-worth. An understanding of how negative thoughts influences unhealthy habits and knowledge that this thought can actually be controlled helps to change an individual’s belief system.

Helps Patients to Relax

Part of the aim of CB therapy is to help people learn how to respond to their symptoms. Through the sessions, the patient is taught how respond calmly when the symptoms hit using a wide range of techniques.

Helps Patients Develop a More Rational Thought Process

One of the major benefits of CBT is to help patients regain control of their thought processes. It is a known fact that the human mind almost conjures negative thoughts automatically. But if over time, the patient is helped to questions these negative thoughts and replace them with positive ones, they begin to be more rational in their thinking.

How to Choose the Right Cognitive Behavioural Therapist

Now that we have seen that this therapy is an important one for anyone suffering from any form of mental disorder or illness, we know that you may feel the need to visit a therapist ASAP. Click here to see the disorders that can be treated with this therapy. However, it is not recommended that you go to just any therapist. You need to consider some factors before signing up with a counsellor.

Find below some factors to consider and steps to take: –

  1. Ask for Referrals – When looking to engage the services of a counsellor in this field, it is recommended that you ask for referral(s) from your trusted friends, family, or GP. People who have experience with these professionals are in the best position to recommend someone for you.
  2. Check out Credentials and License – When you get the referrals, make sure that you confirm the person’s credentials and licences before going ahead with them. Apart from confirming that they are qualified, check to be sure that their license is still valid because a counsellor’s license to practise can be revoked for malpractice or misdemeanour.
  3. Ensure that you are Comfortable with the Counsellor – Take out time and interact with the therapist to be sure that you are comfortable with them before proceeding.  Do not book any session with them if you are not comfortable as you will not make any headway with them.
  4. Find a Therapist in your Locality – This is mostly for convenience so that you would not have any excuse to miss any session. For example, if you live in Albuquerque seek counseling in Albuquerque from the Enhancement Center or any notable therapist in the area. Having your therapist close to you will be in your best interest.


Seeking therapy is recommended in cases of mental health issues. However, some people do not know that some sessions with a therapist may be all they need to overcome their issues. In this article, we have shared some valuable information about CBT, and we believe that you now know what it is, its importance and how you can benefit from it.

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