In today’s time, adolescent suicide rates and mental health issues are on the rise. Earlier, much of the problem was the global pandemic itself. However, now experts have intriguing studies to reveal. Now that we are almost two years into the pandemic, stats have a different story. Below, we have outlined the most outrageous factors that have caused an uproar in adolescent mental health issues:

  • Increased Stress and Anxiety

There’s no running away from the fact that the global pandemic has increased anxiety and fear among young children. Since everyone was forced to restrain themselves within the four walls of the house, anxiety, and fear have taken over everything. Due to the forced lockdown, everyone engaged in some mental health issues. Plus, as adolescents go through various mental and physical developmental stages, anxiety only worsens the situation with them. 

  • Family Conflicts

As much as some families try to brush major issues under the carpet, it’s crucial to understand that by avoiding these issues or important family discussions, children can still be affected by this dismissal attitude. After all, children are not diplomatic like adults and look at life from a different perspective. ANy important family issues or topics that are left untouched can alter a child’s perspective, and ultimately their mental health. Family conflicts can be devastating at times, so parents need to address them sooner than expected. If you are dealing with the stress of family conflicts and upsets, you may find it beneficial to try CBD-based products which are proven to reduce stress, and provide a sense of calm and ease. You can find a list of the best cbd brands here, which offer CBD-based products to significantly reduce stress and improve well-being. These products can help aid symptoms of stress, anxiety, depression, and more – in a completely natural and organic way. 

  • Loss of School, Support, and Church

As explained earlier, children are innocent. They take time to imbibe from the environment around them. Thus, it’s crucial for parents to understand that cutting off their children from church, support, and community routine will have a negative impact on their brains. Since they are young and innocent, they need to be given time to understand the situation. As parents, you need to stop imposing your decision on them. Yes, the global pandemic has been quite a big issue, but still, it’s crucial to have an easy-going vibe with them. 

  • Negative Family Environment

A dysfunctional family is a leading reason why many kids get negatively affected. Even more so when fights become the norm. A negative family environment is why young children are being scrutinized mentally. It’s up to the parents how they set an environment conducive for the mental health growth of the little ones. A negative family environment is detrimental to the overall energy of the house. 

  • Loss of a Family Member

One cannot deny the fact that the death of a parent or a sibling is the hardest fact to digest. After all, it tatters and shatters the mind of a young individual. Losing a family member is very stressful and heartbreaking. And since COVID 19 has already claimed the lives of hundreds of individual’s across the globe, many families got ripped apart. And not to forget, kids are most at the receiving end of the damage. Children need time to come to terms with such a devastating loss. 

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